The time is now for Rick Dyer

The time is now for Rick Dyer

Jackson County is facing some big challenges. Timber revenue is decreasing; jobs are hard to create; libraries, OSU Extension and GMOs are all on our minds. However the voters of Jackson County decide on the issues, we will need experienced people that understand the law and budgets. Rick Dyer does understand and that is why I am voting for him. Join me and vote Rick Dyer our next Jackson County commissioner.

Bill Maentz


Our libraries are necessary

Our libraries are a commitment to our community and an investment in the intellectual and artistic growth of our neighbors and ourselves.

Libraries are educational centers for all, from 1-month-old infants to seniors who survived the Great Depression. Libraries are community meeting places, art and craft studios, game rooms, lecture halls, cinemas, theaters, therapeutic spaces, rehearsal halls and classrooms. Libraries make their communities smarter, stronger and capable of fulfilling our uniquely American role of being informed, discerning citizens. Libraries serve us, better us, and bring us together.

Jody Fleming


Vote Rick Dyer for commissioner

Thoughtful, smart, caring and committed are just a few of the words that describe Rick Dyer as a person. These are exactly the character traits we need to lead our county. Join me and vote for Rick Dyer for Jackson County commissioner.

Eli Matthews


Not buying the flood of bull

It is so encouraging to see that people are not buying the flood of political bull from Monsanto, Syngenta and the other chemical corporations trying to defeat Measure 15-119. The chemical companies have spent hundreds of thousands on TV and radio ads desperately trying to scare voters into thinking protecting farmers and our local food supply from genetically engineered crops would somehow affect the library or sheriff's budget.

Thank you to the library funding campaign for making clear these claims are totally false, and thank you, Ashland voters, for seeing through their blatant scare tactics. But in past May elections, fewer than 40 percent of Ashland's registered voters have actually turned out to vote. While I believe people understand how important a yes vote on 15-119 is, if you want to see 15-119 pass, then this election is not just about voting, but making sure your friends and neighbors vote as well.

Barbara Richard


Dyer has what the county needs

On May 20, I urge all of my fellow Jackson County residents to vote for Rick Dyer for Jackson County commissioner.

I have been close friends with Rick for nearly 40 years, all that time in the Southern Oregon area. We both grew up here; from junior high and high school in Grants Pass to college in Ashland at Southern Oregon University.

Rick graduated from SOU with a degree in business administration, with an emphasis on accounting. In addition to that, he has added a degree in law to his vast resume.

I have known Rick to exhibit the utmost character and integrity in every aspect of his life. These traits and his experience in running and owning local businesses, coupled with his academic background, make him an ideal candidate to lead Jackson County into the next decade.

Bill Powell


It is important to vote Rick Dyer

A commissioner's duties require reviewing budgets and keeping the county out of legal trouble; Rick Dyer's education and training makes him well qualified for the job.

Rick understands the importance of gathering information before making a decision and of dealing congenially with the public. He is honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours needed for the position. I believe Rick Dyer is the person best qualified to be our next Jackson County commissioner.

Doug Patterson

White City

Vote for Rick Dyer

I've known Rick Dyer for over 20 years. I consider him to be one of the most honest, ethical, forthright and trustworthy individuals I have ever met. He is smart, thorough and his background in business, accounting and law will make him a great Jackson County commissioner. On May 20, I urge all of the citizens in Jackson County to vote for Rick Dyer for Jackson County commissioner.

Bill Freda


Don't be swayed; vote yes on 15-119

I am old enough to remember ads touting the health benefits of cigarettes. I am reminded of these ads when I see the misleading ads against Measure 15-119.

There are reasons why GMOs are banned in other counties in the U.S. and throughout the world. Go to for more information and don't be swayed by big money and misleading ads. Please protect our family farms and keep our food healthy and tasty and free from contamination. Vote yes on 15-119.

Mel Ginsberg