Salvatore Antonio Pippa III (Sal), 33, of Ashland, Ore. passed away Wednesday, April 9, 2014. He was born to Elizabeth Pippa and step-son to George Clark and brother to Lorraine, Michelle, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Nar, Marcia, Sonny, and Kim. He was a loving father to Brooklynn and Jaiden and would have given them the world.

Sal was a fun loving guy. If you were around him you were laughing. He loved to sing and play his guitar. He was the #1 Ducks fan and basketball was his pastime. Most of all he loved making his little girls happy. Anything they wanted he tried to make sure they got. He was a beloved uncle of many nieces and nephews and he loved all his cousins. Family was always first. Sal had so many friends and considered them family. How do we say goodbye? We'll miss him dearly.

Thank you to the Ashland Community: Northwest Pizza, Oak Tree, The Vinyl Club, and Ashland High School, our wonderful family and friends who have donated to have a beautiful celebration of Sal's life, and all of Sal's friends who were always there for him. We would like to thank Morgan, Jon, Lori, Jessica, Tera, Adam, Gary, Nikki, Tami, Carrie, Justin, The Talbott family, Heather, Steve, Jade, and everyone at Shed Rain for all your time and contributions.

Memorial Services will be held at 6:00 p.m. Saturday, April 19, 2014 in the Ashland High School theater, 201 S. Moun-tain Ave., Ashland, Oregon.