A million, million voices can be heard

A million, million voices can be heard

True to life itself, there is always complexity, from which we must sort out information and make decisions every day.

Climate Change is real and you are already experiencing its impact. There are those with agendas and big money who want you not to notice.

The oil baron Koch brothers have funneled millions through entities and campaigns designed to keep us in the dark. Exxon-Mobil acknowledged "climate change is real and the risks warrant action," but spends hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting unscientific claims denying climate change, and continues to promote fossil fuel dependency. It is confusing, but too important to ignore.

There is no quick fix either; we must take notice, get fully informed and act now to make this planet safe for future generations. Do you want the rich, selfishly misinformed people to slowly destroy this beautiful planet, or do you want to join the rest of us who can see the extreme effects humans are having on tour environment, and who have some vision of how we might be able to save it? A million, million voices can be heard over the blustering few who think their money gives them power to lie and manipulate us.

Diana O'Farrell


Is this really 'Good Neighbor Farming'?

This is one of the last places in this beautiful country where there are so many small family farmers whose livelihoods are farming.

Our Family Farms coalition of 150-plus farms are family farmers whose livelihood is farming here in the valley. This coalition is endorsed by nearly 600 local businesses.

We're not an area where farms are the size of thousands of acres. Here farmers mainly grow on small plots. Being a good neighbor here means respecting your neighbor's livelihood by being considerate of their efforts through the practices that you use as a farmer.

We want to protect the right to farm here in the Rogue Valley. That's what this vote in May is about and why I'm voting yes in support of our local family farms,15-119.

Ninety-seven percent of donations from those opposing this, called "Good Neighbor Farms," come from out-of-state, multinational corporations with bottomless pockets. "Good Neighbor" farming?

Charlotte Nuessle