Opposition comes out of the closet

Opposition comes out of the closet

Its good to see that the real opposition to the Family Farms Measure 15-119 has finally come out of the closet. News that out-of-state chemical companies just put more than $450,000 into the effort to defeat the Family Farms Measure shows us who is behind the opposition to our home-grown effort to protect family farmers from genetically engineered crops.

The fact that these out-of-state companies are the main money behind the "Good Neighbor Farmers" political action committee should inspire all voters, all across the county, to turn out en masse to send the message that Jackson County isn't buying their obvious campaign scare tactics.

As of today, more than 97 percent of funding for this political action committee has come from out-of-county interests.

I think its time they change their name — they are NOT good "neighbors".

Vote Yes for 15-119.

Kristina Lefever


Our planet is on the brink of no return

We humans are decimating our planet. The reasons are many: greed, self-interest, willful ignorance, real ignorance — and the wish to believe things that "ain't so" because it is difficult to face up to something so frightening or just because it suits our biases and belief systems.

If any of us explore the science or travel much beyond our insular towns we know that climate change is real and is bordering on the brink of no return, particularly if we continue to employ fossil fuels that induce greenhouse gases, which are the main cause of climate change. Scientifically, we know that climate changes are not uniform, but are complex and exponential.

We know the past decade is the warmest on record. We know that our glaciers are melting.

Even if we were to stop the use of all fossil fuels tomorrow we are still looking at an increase of greenhouse gases for some time. (As trees die off less carbon can be sequestered, and as our super-saturated oceans become more acidic from CO2, the coral and chain of life dependent thereon is impacted.)

While many individuals are doing all they can to mitigate this condition, it really requires governments to take meaningful effective action. Thus it is both sad and curious to see "our" congressman, Greg Walden, vote time after time for those who profit from fossil fuels rather than voting to protect a future for our children and life on this very fragile planet.

Lee Lull