Illegal short-term rentals are unfair

Illegal short-term rentals are unfair

I have issue with the tone of Vickie Aldous' article about illegal vacation rentals. The article is not so much about their illegality, but about the sad story of lost income or uses of the additional income by the illegal properties.

Legal properties face the same challenges yet choose to operate legally. Illegals create an uneven playing field for those who choose to be legal and operate with a business license and adequate insurance and collect the travelers tax.

Not only is there a significant amount of lost city income and income by legal properties due to illegal properties but it represents a inherent unfairness.

Tom Howard


Thank you, Karen Greenstein

I've been very saddened by the senseless death of my friend Karen Greenstein. I haven't known what to do or say that might express my feelings or bring some peace to her husband Bill, daughter Amanda, or, truthfully, to myself.

As I passed the Mail Stop today I noticed their banner — "Thank you, Karen Greenstein" — and that said so very much to me. I want to thank Loran Faudree for choosing such simple yet eloquent words and making them public for our community. And I want to add my name to the list of many who are grieving the loss of such a dedicated, giving, joyful person from our midst — much too soon and much too sudden. Such a glorious, loving life and lived so very well!

Josie Wilson


Thanks for getting it right every day

What a great paper! Every day, first-rate editorials, and just enough world, local, environmental, inspirational etc. subject matter to start my day.

Thank you for getting it just right day after day after day.

Priscilla High