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  • Varble's 'Evita' review is right
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  • Varble's 'Evita' review is right
    A letter in Sunday's paper took Bill Varble to task for his review of "Evita" at the Camelot Theatre, saying he overlooks the star's performance because of her appearance.
    Varble's review is right on point. Evita is a dramatic work, not a concert. He praised the performance and singing of the woman in the title role, but criticized the casting of her as Eva Peron because of her appearance. Eva is an historical character, not a fictional character. She was, as Varble put it, "lissome" not "full-figured." One wouldn't cast a skinny stick as Kate Smith or a fat boy as Lincoln. I find Varble's reviews stimulating and very interesting. Sometimes I disagree with his opinion, but not this time.
    Jim Flint
    SOU football teamneeds more fans
    Having lived in the Rogue Valley for the past 33 years, I know that on any given day there are a multitude of activities that one can engage in. It would really be great for the SOU football team if we had a greater turnout for the games.
    SOU football is exciting! The team leads the nation in several categories. We have over 40 players from Oregon. The Raiders are 6-2, and tied for first place in the Frontier Conference. (Note: one of our two losses was to Sacramento State, a Division I school). The players, at SOU, unlike players at some of our sister institutions, get very little as athletic scholarships go. These guys play for the love of the game.
    We have one more scheduled home game.
    The SOU Raiders play Eastern Oregon at 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 9. Lets get out and support our Raiders and coach Howard's hard working staff.
    Ed Houghton
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