Numerous reports of bears roaming the streets of Ashland have come in today, city officials said.

A notice on the city's website said there have been reports of two different bears roaming the streets of Ashland. The first has been spotted traveling in the 200 block of Normal Avenue, 300 block of Clay Street, 500 blocks of Clay Street, Faith Avenue and Park Street near Siskiyou Boulevard. The second bear was spotted in the 1100 block of Tolman Creek Road.

The City of Ashland urges all residents to take extra precautions to stay safely away from the bears, particularly while trick or treating on Halloween night.

If you encounter a bear, remember, don't approach, back away slowly and don't run. Loud noises often work to scare them off but do not corner them. Most importantly, please remember that bears are wild animals and need to treated as such.