Outlaw gas-powered leaf blowers in town

Outlaw gas-powered leaf blowers in town

Outlaw internal combustion blowers in the neighborhoods and in town. They are irritating, obnoxious, they disturb the peace, wreck air quality and blow stuff into the other guy's yard. What's wrong with a broom or a rake?

Phil Powell


Join your local Friends of the Library group

Oct. 20-26 is the sixth annual National Friends of Libraries week. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of the Friends of the Ashland Public Library who contribute their time and money to help enhance the services provided by the Ashland Branch Library.

Now more than ever, community support is invaluable in helping to keep our library open and thriving. This year, due to recent county budget cuts, the Ashland Friends are helping to supplement the materials budget for the Ashland Branch Library, in addition to funding established programs such as the Baby's First Book program.

I encourage everyone who values the library's important role as a community center to consider joining their local Friends group to show their support.

Amanda Casserly

president, Friends of the Ashland Public Library