Is more logging worth the risk?

Is more logging worth the risk?

The Bybee Timber Sale proposes logging 16,000 acres near Crater Lake, one of Earth's most precious and pure water sources.

The Rogue River National Forest supervisor says this will create 500 jobs and build 3,000 homes. But is this brief and immediate amount of income and security worth destroying the headwaters of the Rogue River? Is it worth risking the health of such a fragile and necessary ecosystem?

We can see already see what logging does to our local landscape. What is it doing to our national forest? Is it worth risking our children's future?

The choices must be made now. Today. Those of us who live in Southern Oregon can see the hillsides eroding from deforestation. The effects of poor logging practices are outside our windows, at our doorsteps and in our children's eyes. The future of capitalism is visible for all to see. It looks like the air in Beijing; it looks like the desertification in Africa; it looks like our beautiful green forests turned to brown mounds.

We cannot buy our children hope. We cannot purchase a sense of happiness or peace. We already must pay for clean water. We can still pay high prices for wholesome foods grown with care and without poisoned soils. In many places, people must pay for clean air for their children to breathe. How much longer can we prioritize profits above our Earth's health and still protect our children?

A child must drink water, must breathe air, must eat the food that is grown upon the earth. Without these basic rights, what life does this beloved child lead? What hope does the child have for happiness? We see what happens to children who are denied the natural goodness of life. We see obesity and anger and fear and disease.

If you love a child, you want them to have a future. You wish for them a chance at love, at peace, at happiness, at success. You wish for them to experience beauty and joy. You wish to ensure them the right to live, to breathe, to exist.

Some things are precious. They are necessary to sustain life. They cannot be replaced. They must be protected. Things like the pristine waters that fill Crater Lake and roll down the Rogue. Things like the pure air provided by healthy forests. Things like children. We must make the right choices. We will all live with the results.

Sunny Erickson