He shot squirrels in the head so their bodies would be intact for meals.

He shot squirrels in the head so their bodies would be intact for meals.

He caught frogs, lizards and a two-foot brown snake, killing them with a rock and toasting them thoroughly so he would not get salmonella.

Each night, before burying himself under rotting leaves, he carefully covered his fire with gravel to prevent it from spreading.

Gene Penaflor made it through 19 days lost in the wilds of Northern California's Mendocino National Forest by going into "survival mode," his son, Gale Penaflor, 37, said Monday.

The 72-year-old retiree was back home in San Francisco, 13 pounds lighter than when he disappeared and his voice raspy, but otherwise in excellent health, his family said. Penaflor got lost during a deer hunting trip in treacherous terrain marked by jagged cliffs and slippery shale, and shrouded by thick fog. Other hunters discovered him Saturday.

"Mentally, he was telling us, he was in survival mode," Gale Penaflor said. "He really wasn't thinking about anything else. Trying to stay alive kept him busy, and that is what kept him going."

Gene Penaflor, a native of the Philippines, and a longtime friend were camped at 6,000-foot elevation when they separated to stalk deer. Penaflor's companion reported him missing in an area known as Bloody Rock early Sept. 24. Penaflor had fallen into a crevice, hit his head and lost consciousness. He awoke disoriented in the fog, the Mendocino County Sheriff's Department said.