Library is vital for many families

Library is vital for many families

For a family on a limited income, the Jackson County Library System is a necessary part of my family's educational and personal growth.

Stories about Curious George, Lowly Worm and Fancy Nancy are available to my preschool-age daughter. My husband finds guitar repair manuals and foreign films he doesn't have access to elsewhere. I've read the latest books by Terry McMillan, Christopher Hitchens, Eve Ensler and Dan Savage. Without the library, our only choice would be to purchase these items, and for us, that is simply not possible.

Our experience is not unique; it is the same for thousands of families all over Jackson County. Our library system allows job seekers to use the Internet computers and 24/7 wi-fi service. Children and teens can sharpen their math and English skills with the Learning Express database. Any adult may sign up for a free computer class or check out a book on CD or download the newest novel by Elizabeth Gilbert on their e-reader.

All of these items and services are free to the citizens of Jackson County. The intellectual cost of closing our libraries is far greater than the monetary cost to keep them open.

Jody Fleming


Kiwanis says thanks for car wash support

On Saturday, Oct. 5, Ashland Kiwanis held a car wash to raise funds to help us support many of our children and community projects. Kiwanis sends a big thank you to the general public for letting us wash your cars, trucks and vans, and helping to fund these projects.

We would also like to thank Ashland's Les Schwab for letting us use their parking areas for the car wash, and for providing the water. In addition, we would like to thank the city of Ashland for providing a system to drain the soap suds away from the storm drain and Bear Creek; a "green solution" car wash soap was used.

Lastly, many thanks go to the Lithia Springs Homes for Boys and Girls who each volunteered to help with the car wash. We couldn't have done it without you!

To learn more about Kiwanis, and get involved in its many programs for children and others in the community, please call 541-488-0532.

Ron Parker

Ashland Kiwanis

Heron shows Ashland Creek is alive and well

While walking beside the creek in upper Lithia Park, my wife and I stopped at a beautiful pool beneath a splashing cascade. I jumped to a rock to get a better view and stood and took in the sublime scene.

After five minutes, suddenly I noticed I wasn't alone. There was a blue heron not 15 feet from me. He stood there, four feet tall, in all his majesty, barely moving. My wife was speechless.

After we watched it for a few minutes, it abruptly dove into the water and came up with a wriggling six-inch trout. It then flew to the other side of the pool and slowly shifted the fish in its long beak so it could methodically swallow its catch.

The heron then comically ruffled its feathers (the fish was still alive in its belly) and after a short wait, flew majestically down the creek bed. We were in bliss!

Don DeHart