Hospice boutique needs volunteers

Hospice boutique needs volunteers

What an incredible community we live in here in the Rogue Valley! Volunteer opportunities abound, and there are so many choices for retired, school-aged (looking to meet requirements for community service hours), and just any who like "giving back."

I have recently learned from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival website that because of an abundance of volunteers, they are not taking new applications. I applaud their ability to create an atmosphere where many choose to spend their free time in volunteering.

Fear not, all you still looking for that place where you might feel needed, wanted and oh, so appreciated! The Hospice Unique Boutique in Ashland, a resale shop relying on volunteers to make the dreams of Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice (the nonprofit that runs the resale shop) come true, needs you! For four years, we have given money to all four hospices in the Rogue Valley, and to several other nonprofit organizations whose missions range from education about end-of-life choices to assuring grief counseling after a loss. We could not have done this without our volunteers!

Give us a call at 541-488-7805 and we'll tell you more. We need you!

Trudy Duncan


Help defeat the King amendment

The King amendment is a very important piece of legislation that must be defeated. If passed it would involve serious changes regarding protection of animals.

A congressman named Steve King is promoting the King amendment in the House Farm Bill. Not only would the King amendment take away states' rights to enact laws to protect animals in agriculture, but it would also repeal existing state laws. including laws passed here in Oregon to protect dogs in puppy mills, pregnant pigs, egg-laying hens and even the sharks being protected against the horrid practice of shark finning to use in soup. For those of us who have a passion for horses, the King amendment would prevent states from passing laws to ban horse slaughter and would invalidate the laws of states that already have slaughter bans in place.

The Humane Society of the United States is working hard to beat this amendment because it would represent the biggest setback for animals in U.S. history. We cannot allow the horrid abuses that could take place if this amendment were to pass; we must absolutely defeat it if we have any humanity at all.

Please inform your family and friends of the awful amendment and ask them to write to our senators and representatives as well to help defeat the King amendment. This is a very serious matter. Thank you for your attention.

Nina Council


Keep Ashland's recycling center open

Are you aware that the "authorities" of our town are considering to close our recycling facilities?

Why? It does not bring in enough money! There seems to be plenty of dollars around to build a house for the homeless people!

We pride ourselves in Ashland to be environmentally conscious. More then 200 people a day walk through the gates to unload stuff that can be recycled. What about the clothes booth? Many people rely on finding something to wear without having to go and buy it.

Not everything that makes a town great is money-making. Could this decision have to do with the new Californian ownership? Please keep our recycle center open.

Heidi Tobler