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High-fives for everyone

 Posted: 2:00 AM June 29, 2013

My dream this morning: There's a woman who is all-powerful, unharmable and very, very tall. With her arms at her sides, she raises her hands up to heart level and high-fives her enemies, who reach their hands way up to meet hers. She feels comradeship with everyone.

My dream says: God is not a fighter or an antagonist. A seeming danger is only a picture of fear. God is the only power. We once saw someone steal a fortune. For the intended recipients, it was crucial to work on this meditatively, not through the courts. Through intense work, they experienced this: Our divine identity is self-complete; nothing can be added, nothing taken away. They also worked to recognize the man's real identity, then gave the fortune away to him as a gift from their hearts, so he wouldn't suffer being a thief here. Later, unsought for, another fortune flowed to them out of the blue.

There is safety as well as exhilaration and amazement when God is revealed.

While our sense of separation from God projects its outer pictures, we can see through them. Meditation is an important key to entering the kingdom within, and to spiritual living outwardly. Invisible peace permeates the day. We find that alongside the challenges, God's been answering our doubts with continuous streams of beauty. These are lead-ins, so we don't stop with them. They are meant to draw us further in, all the way home to the presence of God, the one life serene.

In the presence of God, we know peace, great peace. When we've been reaching the God-experience through meditation, we may sometimes see impossible things happen. Once, surrounded by a swarm of mosquitoes, I called out "Help!" closed my eyes, and on opening them the mosquitoes had vanished. Beloved, these things can't happen, yet they do. Threatening pictures evaporate in thy presence.

This great peace is likewise love. In the end there is no security separate and apart from divine love. We feel God's love and we love God, the infinite life which is the all, the substance of myself and every being. God creates us from Its own self, as our parents create us in the womb. We're held safe and secure, always one in love.

When we are floating in contact with God, things are simple and whole. We sense in body, heart and mind that this livingness of God is consciousness and substance in one. This is what is real.

On a gorgeously crisp day like today, here in the mountains of Ashland, there are beauteous penumbras of pearly white clouds that surround the mountains. And this moving, dreamlike, insubstantial host of cloudiness accents the ever-presence of the blanketed peaks glimmering out.

Sometimes we look and we can't tell — is that the cloud formation, or the peak of the mountain? The invisible life and its surroundings is a matched pair, a pair that we can rest in now, in awe, in peace. Being and becoming are one. The invisible is the only reality, and at the same time It is this earthly vision of God.

To grasp it with the mind seems so difficult, yet to grasp it with our heart, a baby does it. A baby is happy to be constantly surprised by the new, if its mother or father is there with it, being happy too. We are like a little child again, the good child with our loving parents.

When our hands come together we are linked, we give high-fives for the blinding second we touch, and then again we look separated but we are together. Everybody in this world, everybody human, animal, vegetable, mineral, spirit — we are all traveling together. We are all at rest together. And it is in this spiritual contact that we find the center of peace where everyone can love. Everyone gets high-fives, with both hands, from God.

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