Make wise choices in using water

Make wise choices in using water

Arizona is known for being an arid climate. How do they use water wisely?

Some towns use water drained from bathroom faucets and washing machines. They use water-efficient technologies such as low-flow toilets and stricter building codes. There are rebates for residents that harvest water, use gray water for landscaping or for removal of grass lawns.

Some towns regulate the types of shrubs and flowers that can be planted; they try to have a balance between conservation and growth. Ashland is capable of making prudent choices for long-term stability.

Louise Shawkat


Standing with bullied students

I am concerned about news that Ashland, Medford, Central Point and Rogue River schools lag behind in Oregon's efforts to stop harassment and bullying. As a survivor of childhood peer abuse that included school-wide shunning, I stand in solidarity with students who are bullied today.

An entire school and its larger community must be on board to combat bullying. I echo the sentiments of youth empowerment coordinator Kyndra Laughery: that students will not report harassment if they feel it's not going to change.

Please extend protection and support to all targets of bullying and emphasize the important role of onlookers and adults in combating a culture "where bullying is the norm." A compassionate and engaged "silent majority" can create a culture that prevents victims from becoming isolated and alone.

Cynthia Parkhill


Outlaw internal combustion tools

The pen (pencil) is mightier than the sword!

Outlaw internal combustion tools in the neighborhoods and downtown areas. These disrupt the peace.

Gardeners can use hand tools.

Philip Powell