Much ado about flyover mileage

Much ado about flyover mileage

Regarding Robert Bushman's June 11 letter: I want his car.

This is in response to the article about using a lot of jet fuel for the holiday flyover. First of all I would like to say that the Fourth of July is continually being watered down. We mustn't forget that the cost of freedom is high. usually paid for in blood. Freedom is seldom given away and you can't gain it with harsh language and it is mostly loud and scary.

Estimated fuel used for round-trip from Ashland to Klamath Falls for an F-15 jet fighter: fuel capacity 36,200 pounds, range 3,450 miles. The F-15 burns about 10.5 pounds of fuel per minute (average), at 6.8 pounds per gallon, the mileage is 1.54 miles per gallon. Round-trip to Klamath Falls is 127.2 miles times 1.54 miles per gallon equals 195.8 gallons.

These are ballpark figures, averages; the actual fuel consumption of a fighter can vary greatly, but it is still some orders of magnitude less than what has been previously estimated. The actual cost of the flyover is much greater than just the cost of the fuel when you consider ground crew, payroll and other related costs.

If you drive a car for 15 years at 10,000 miles per year, That's 150,000 miles, divided by 195.8 gallons equals 766 miles per gallon. I want that car.

Neil Stewart