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  • Thanks for county animal shelter support
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  • Thanks for county animal shelter support
    Thank you Dr. Knox and his assistant, Kayla, in addition to the rest of the staff at Animal Medical Hospital for saving Cecil, the three-week old puppy who was suffering from respiratory distress from aspiration pneumonia. The incident occurred on a Friday in the afternoon. The hospital was willing to see Cecil as soon as I brought him in, gave him oxygen, x-rayed him, and prescribed antibiotics after giving him a loading dose injection.
    Cecil is doing fine along with his eight siblings and mother, all being fostered from Jackson County Animal Shelter. Thank you for supporting the shelter Dr. Knox and staff. Please spay and neuter your pets and opt to adopt to save a life. Every animal purchased is another animal not adopted. These pups will be ready for adoption about mid July. See you at the shelter.
    Lisa A. Frost
    OSF and Ashland's pesky deer 'problem'
    Ashland's deer overpopulation issue has recently vanished from the headlines and cyberspace, but not from our gardens. The Ashland Urban Wildlife Committee has certainly been active in conducting multiple deer counts to quantify the problem, but has not produced any meaningful recommendations.
    It is time now to move toward solving the problem. The creative geniuses at OSF are showing us the way with the opening on Saturday night of "The Heart of Robin Hood." In most tellings of the Robin Hood story many of the "Merry Men" are poachers, helping themselves to the deer in the royal forests. So, let's unleash OSF's Robin and Marian and their assorted archers to reduce our deer herd. The deer meat can then be featured at the Feast of Will. It should prove so popular that the City, Parks, OSF, the Lions club (not the Elks, too much like cannibalization), and others would turn it into a permanent fixture, a new restaurant — "The Merchant of Venison".
    Chuck Keil
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