A type of socialism for the homeless

A type of socialism for the homeless

Similar to the kibbutz way of life, I assume ... Portland and now Eugene have created a type of socialism for the homeless. When it comes right down to it, most things in life will go up in cost — all the necessities of life — so it would stand to reason, a socialistic type of lifestyle whereby many homeless live would be a benefit.

I spent several months on a kibbutz in Israel during the mid-70s and I can tell you, it works fabulously for everyone! Work, food and health care are plentiful!

Jeff Kassman


Arrogance won't heal childhood diseases

A recent article on vaccinations quoted a local author: "People who choose not to vaccinate according to the CDC are making a thoughtful, careful decision. It's the most educated people who are choosing to do things a little differently."

Using this logic, those who follow the advice of health care experts and vaccinate their children are not making a thoughtful, careful decision, and are clearly less educated people.

Arrogance will not heal a young child struggling to breathe from whooping cough. Failure to vaccinate puts your family at risk as well as neighbors and the entire community. Vaccinating is a responsibility that comes with being a parent.

Worried about what enters your child's body? So are doctors. Think about the billions of bacteria, viruses and parasites that are naturally present on this wonderful planet. Many enter the body. Some are good, some are bad. Vaccines are simply a response to some really terrible things that occasionally and organically enter human bodies.

Don't take my word for it. Check in with your doctor for more information. And always fact-check self esteem-fueled statements in the media.

Dan Van Dyke