While giving a radio talk, the computer's screen saver starts showing vocabulary words. The word "walkabout" glides by, then "chain," "jawbone" and "alienation." They invite me to ponder their meanings in a meditative practice.

While giving a radio talk, the computer's screen saver starts showing vocabulary words. The word "walkabout" glides by, then "chain," "jawbone" and "alienation." They invite me to ponder their meanings in a meditative practice.

"Walkabout." an Australian aborigine's sacred pilgrimage. Our pilgrimage is being led into the presence of God, then returning to a sacred earth.

"Chain: Flexible series of links, used for fastening." Symbolic of The Great Chain of Being. Our meditative journey links the inner and outer, finding both to be one in God.

"Jawbone." Samson uses a jawbone, seemingly a battle weapon. Our meditation reveals God acts without hands; they're not needed for Lord God almighty.

"Alienation" floats by. Our meditation shows that while "I and my Father are One," God doesn't foist Itself on us. When we feel separate and apart, this is a bloody step on the walkabout.

These random words yield words of prayer. God can jibe with anything and dance with it. God doesn't push us around. God doesn't order the bad times in life. Yet, paradoxically, God is all-powerful.

So how do we know God? How to meditate? Meditation is a listening, beyond the mind ... a listening for the Holy Life within. The key is our receptivity, our receptive awareness of God's presence. We become aware: God is always here. God Is already the life of my own life. The life of all life is always everywhere present.

If we implore God, that's our connection. If we thought of going over for help, to "borrow a cup of sugar," that problem is our impetus. Then while we're visiting our best friend, we find we've done it for the joy of the visit. We want to bask in God's companionship because we love our friend. God's very presence is our strength and our rock.

"God Is already the Life of my own life" is a principle of truth. In contemplative inquiry, we find some principle of truth that blazes a trail inward. This is like searching for a teacher. We can work with a principle for a while, and if it isn't that perfect fit, we move on. We find the one that resonates, that fits exquisitely, that says "yes" to us, becoming a foundation we can rely on for a lifetime, revealing our mission.

In contemplative inquiry, we sit down privately, close our eyes, and let ourselves feel the truth within the words. "... already the life ..." Is God here? Are you here? What then do I need to do, to feel you?

We ask such questions as we explore our principle. We're not really talking to God; we're listening into the deep silence. Questions and answering wisdom bubble up from inside, unfoldment of truth opens from within. They're thoughts that bring us beyond thought, bread crumbs along the path through the woods, to find the presence, the God experience, in ever-deeper places.

Truth, love, life are aspects of God. Words of truth lead us into God. These hard-won words have meanings to take us in. First our insights are distant glimpses, until we actually feel God's presence living its life as us, its complete peace and love. It might come upon us descending like a dove, approaching across the room, welling up from the ground, pouring out from our heart. After weeks or months of working with some chosen meaning, it can pull us away very quickly from our worst fear, to turn to the experience of God's grace. We might not think of any words at all, we just turn and it's here.

Miracles are the natural way of life. Things we fear are appearances only; realizing the presence resolves them in beauteous, perfect ways living the meditative life. We've laid our burdens down at God's feet, and no matter the pictures we face, they lose their power. Joyful communion lifts our day. We're spiritual beings in a spiritual world, who all dance in the verdant garden.

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