Thanks for animal shelter support

Thanks for animal shelter support

I wanted to make sure that Dr. Laura Fredricks-Powell, DVM, from Best Friends Animal Hospital in Talent does not go unnoticed.

I deeply appreciate her support during Emma's, aka Mama Pit's, labor and delivery of her 10 puppies on May 10. Dr. Laura has helped this lovely shelter pet with true compassion and sincerity. She gave me the confidence I needed as Emma's pinch-hitting foster mom to follow through with supporting Emma through the birthing process. Thank you, Dr. Laura, for all you and Best Friends do for the animals at Jackson County Animal Shelter.

Please opt to adopt instead of buying a dog and save a life. Every dog purchased is another dog that is not adopted. Please spay or neuter your companion animals to reduce the euthanasia rate of unwanted and yet adoptable animals.

Lisa A. Frost


Rogue salmon heads for Salem

Concerned about climate change, the 100-foot Rogue salmon is going to Salem on Wednesday, May 22.

Sponsored by the Southern Oregon Climate Action Network, February's "Rogue Thing" was driven by an energetic group of Rogue Valley climate activists who attracted a record number of residents to Medford to support the national day of climate action. A mosaic of more than 1,300 contributed artistic tiles, the salmon is ready for the Capitol lawn.

During the statewide follow-up, Oregon Climate Action Day, Oregonians will join the salmon at the Capitol to discuss climate change with representatives.

We must reduce carbon emissions. The carbon fee and dividend plan we take to Salem proposes fossil fuels be subjected to a fee as they enter our economy based on carbon content. This fee is returned to taxpayers as a dividend encouraging fossil fuel users to seek less polluting energy sources and making clean, renewable fuels more competitive. The dividend offsets elevated prices as the carbon fee is passed on to consumers, and encourages us to buy products made with less fossil fuel. With a low-carbon lifestyle we gain further by avoiding the carbon fee while still receiving the dividend.


Alan Journet, Jacksonville

co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Network

Make weapons hard to get

Correct me if I'm wrong.

The assault weapon and high-capacity magazines were developed to give our military the advantage to kill as many enemies as possible; I applaud that advantage since my father, husband and each of my sons were in the military. However, unless you are a cannibal, a gun that can kill masses of people in the hands of an angry, distraught and, commonly, unskilled marksman, is not what the Second Amendment should be protecting.

Of course, if you are a cannibal, you could feed the whole tribe with one successful hunt! Assault weapons were developed for killing as many enemies as possible in seconds. As a result, the current message seems to be, in our society, being able to have assault weapons condones going out and killing your "perceived" enemies as your mood or inclination dictates.

It would be prudent, at least, to make it harder to get the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that were developed to hunt and kill people.

Tragically, the manufacturers of assault weapons are making so much money, they fund and support the NRA. As a result, the gun manufacturers own the NRA — by their support. And then, NRA, by their support and funding, own our legislators!

The piracy of our democracy is deplorable and demoralizing. Disenchanted? Be a voice! Let's reclaim our legislators! Call Congress — 202-225-6205.

Dawn Richardson

Rogue River

Plaza island is drab, not colorful

I recently read an article in the Sneak Preview regarding the newly reconstructed island near the downtown Plaza of colorful Ashland. Only thing, the island isn't colorful! It's simply drab, devoid of color — in a unique, colorful downtown area.

I'd like to suggest the City Council not take remarks so personally and hire several fine artists of Ashland to bring out the beauty of the island.

Islands are supposed to be exotically beautiful. Look at Tahiti, Bora Bora — Ashland?

Jeff Kassman