Israel has good reason for caution

Israel has good reason for caution

Interesting article in the Tidings May 3 by George Bisharat complaining about how poorly he is treated at the airport in Israel when he flies there to visit friends or relatives in Arab territories. Odd that his letter should appear at the same time America is planning to tighten entry into the U.S. out of fear of terrorists.

I don't blame Israel for being very careful about the people they let in because thousands of Israelis have been murdered by Arab terrorists.

Maynard Telpner


Happy ending to a rainy day

I would like to talk about a happy ending. On Sunday, May 5, I attended a play at Ashland High School. Not a big deal for most people, but I have ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). I use an electric wheelchair and cannot speak.

When I left home it was a warm, sunny day. On leaving the play, much to my surprise, I found it had been raining.

I started the roll home, which is about a mile. Halfway there it started to pour. I sought refuge under a tree, thinking the shower would end soon. A young man came out of a nearby house and offered me an umbrella. His name is Jason. Thanks to him, I was able to make it home between the raindrops with a minimum of wet clothes.

As May is ALS Awareness Month, I want to thank this kind and thoughtful man for helping me. I hope you all can support the ALS Association of Oregon. Call local representative Gail Gallaher to find out more at 541-292-8775.

Barbara Roth


Ashland traffic worse than Seattle

Epic fail. At this point, I'd prefer to don a cape and fly across town. Thanks to both the impatient driver and the clueless one who've hit my vehicle in the last three months. Before this, I'd never once had an accident in my life.

I'd love to ride a bike, but I don't feel like being hit by a car.. Like the teenage girls who hit my friend and drove off yelling, "LOL! Sorry!" You know who you are. Shame!

My suggestion? Build bridges over the "road diet" and go back to the appropriate amount of lanes, not that anyone will use them correctly. Dear Ashland, I moved here from Seattle to live. FYI — your traffic is worse. It's time to embrace the peaceful tranquility called patience and brains.

Dana Green