AIFF says thanks for hospitality, support

AIFF says thanks for hospitality, support

The 12th annual Ashland Independent Film Festival wrapped late last night, after five days and screenings of 91 short, documentary and feature films in four venues. Once again, our community provided stellar hospitality to our visiting filmmakers and industry guests.

We are deeply grateful to the 375 volunteers who donate their time and talent to the festival, to the 600-plus members who support our nonprofit, to the nearly 100 businesses that provide services and financial support, to the city of Ashland and all of our grantors for valuing this important cultural event, and to every filmmaker and filmgoer who makes our celebration of independent film possible.

Our mission is to "enrich, educate and inspire," and we hope the films and events presented over the last few days have hit that mark. We would love to hear from our community about their festival experience, and ask that attendees please take our survey at or drop us an e-mail at

On behalf of the festival board and staff, we offer our sincere thanks. We look forward to seeing you at our second Thursday monthly film series at the Varsity, at Varsity World Film Week in the fall, and at the 13th annual AIFF, April 3-7, 2014.

Anne Ashbey, executive director

Ashland Independent Film Festival

A few comments and questions about guns

Comments and puzzlements regarding guns:

I am a very old person and have never in my life needed a gun.

Why couldn't the existing fire alarm systems in schools and elsewhere be wired to include all emergencies, including guns?

Items of a lethal nature like cars, poisons, etc., have severe safety rules surrounding them — why not guns?

I understand that "militia" (historically used in the southern states to control slave rebellions) was mentioned in the Second Amendment to encourage those states to ratify the Constitution; therefore it was not intended to allow everyone to have a gun.

Why do I suspect a gender factor in the enthusiasm some men seem to have for guns?

If guns are for personal protection, how about only women being able to have them?

M. Gelatt


After 'beautification,' where's the beauty?

To the Ashland City Council, the mayor and all the committees that brought us the Plaza Beautification Project, one question: Where's the beauty?

Allyn Kaufmann and Bruce Dicoskey