Mindfulness training has shown its worth

Mindfulness training has shown its worth

In regard to Julie Watson's article of Jan. 20 in the Mail Tribune titled "Marines studying mindfulness-based training," a friend recently reminded us that Kamikaze pilots in WWII also practiced meditation and mindfulness training before their suicide missions. The data from the "studies" at Camp Pendleton may show that meditation after stressful experiences such as "being immersed in a mock Afghan village with screaming actors and controlled blasts" indeed reduces PTSD and increases clear thinking during combat.

Mindfulness meditation can be done as a non-spiritual practice, and doctors at Mayo Clinic have been researching the benefits of this practice for some time with growing evidence of its health benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic Health Letter, dated Feb. 2013, "Mindful meditation may cut risk and severity of the common cold... it may enhance memory and learning, decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, help control blood pressure, decrease anger, and improve overall well-being." For centuries, Buddhists have practiced mindfulness meditation to increase awareness and compassion. We are now learning that there are many reasons to practice this meditation, and one might hope that our goal would be to become better human beings — not better killers.

Mary Lou Heumann

Vanya Sloan


Letters show volume of gun ownership

Let me be brief, concise, and to the point! I'm not in the mood to fully rebut the anti-gun sentiment in the Saturday, Jan. 26 Ashland Daily Tidings. On that same date my latest letter titled, "Gun owners beware this year" ran in the Klamath Falls Herald and News. This can be accessed and read online at www.heraldandnews.com. Also, the Wednesday, Jan. 23 Lake County Examiner in Lakeview ran a similar letter of mine titled, "Parallel Found" via www.lakecountyexam.com. The Dan Smoot Report has an online video: "Dan Smoot audio-Federal Firearms Legislation, 1964." Though certainly dated and preceding the "LBJ/KGB" 1968 Federal Gun Control Act (which hasn't reduced violent crime or made our streets and communities safer), it's a credible and moral presentation.

After reading "Moms on the march: Event supports gun control in aftermath of Newtown" and Gina Bareca's militant feminist male-hating commentary "Here's the answer — don't give men guns" in the Tidings Saturday, Jan. 26, I must agree with Larry Elder who rightly quoted:

"A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders." Fortunately, there are sensible women like Paxton Quigley who addresses women's safety, security, and protection. Her book: "Armed and Female: Taking Control" (2010) remains available. See www.paxtonquigley.com.

As another letter of mine in the Wednesday, June 20, 2012 Mail Tribune, "Invasion story inspiring," correctly stated: "A .38 in the hand beats a cop on the phone." See "Dial 911 and Die!" via www.jpfo.org.

James Farmer