Club 66 — formerly known as Stillwater, Cebolla and, for some time, "that purple building" — is the place to go for "home-style food and home-grown music."

Club 66 — formerly known as Stillwater, Cebolla and, for some time, "that purple building" — is the place to go for "home-grown music and home-style cooking."

New owners Wendy King and Michael "Uzi" Ulizzi opened the family-friendly nightclub earlier this month, offering live and original music Friday and Saturday nights and "rustic American fare" for lunch and dinner Mondays through Saturdays. (The club does not have its liquor license yet.)

Ulizzi heads up the kitchen, and King manages the music. As music director for local radio station 96.9 The Rogue, King says she already has an "in" with many of the regional bands.

Two local bands, Fire in the Northwest and Sideshow Project, will share the bill this Friday, Jan. 25. The show starts at 8 p.m. The cover is $5.

"I've been in there when it was Stillwater, when it was Cebolla — the purple one — and now," says guitarist Chad Westholder of Fire in the Northwest. "It's like the setup gets cooler and cooler with each new owner."

Fire in the Northwest plays hard rock that grooves — "not quite heavy metal, but not your poppy, radio sound either," Westholder says, adding that the band was bored with the local reggae scene.

"We sing about everyday stuff: driving in your truck, drinking, camping and fires," he says. "There's good times and bad times, and we incorporate all of it into our music."

The band grew out of garage jam sessions started in 2009 by Westholder, guitarist Noah Smith and drummer Hakeen Young. When their sound got too big for their residential neighborhood, they rented a storage shed, where they could play as loud as they liked.

Fire's public debut came in 2011 when the trio, joined by bassist Sharif Young and vocalist Korey Epps, played Battle of the Bands at Southern Oregon University and won third place.

"When you hear our songs, we don't want you to just be standing there saying, 'Yeah, that's cool.' We want you to dance. We want you to move around. We want you to throw your sister in the air, shake your head ... and let the music get in your soul," Westholder says.

Fire recently has found a kindred spirit in Sideshow Project. The new band, featuring multi-instrumentalist Justin "Sideshow" Pimentel, guitarist and bassist Alec "AV Fire" Verner, bassist Brandy "The World's Strongest Woman" Rhodes and drummer Bret "Swords" Roof, plays original rock and metal with carnival riffs.

While the band plays up its circus theatrics, it also stresses an "anti-New World Order, globalist — in a positive format — pro-constitution" message in its lyrics, Pimentel says.

Check out Club 66's menu and live music schedule on Facebook or call 541-450-2656 for more information.