Armstrong did it the American way

Armstrong did it the American way

It's hard to believe that a tough guy like Lance Armstrong knuckled under and did a mea culpa to those coke-snorting, pot-smoking, Oxycontin-popping, beer-and-wine-guzzling yuppie sports writers and their scofulous drug enforcement cronies.

Like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens et. al., Lance did things the American way: He out-cheated the cheaters. He's far less disingenuous than, say, Nike Inc., which dropped him, saying: "Nike does not condone the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in any manner."

But apparently they condone dog fighting, 'cause they continue to support that murderous sicko MIchael Vick.

Buy New Balance instead. At least they're made in the USA.

Doyle Hirsch