Consider other options for dumping effluent

Consider other options for dumping effluent

The Dec. 29 front-page article about dumping sewage treatment water into Ashland Pond failed to mention that this effluent can be hot — up to 100 degrees — and there is a lot of it, 3 cubic feet per second. It would surely raise the temperature of the pond, which already heats up enough in summer to kill some types of fish.

Ashland Pond and the creeks, woods and marshes around it provide excellent habitat. Many birds and animals thrive there, and it's a great place for people to take a walk and connect to nature.

In his opening sentence, reporter Mark Freeman says that the effluent would have no impact on the birds and animals, but actually no one can know this because environmental studies have not been published. We need to know what the present and expected temperatures of the pond would be for each month of the year, and exactly what qualified scientists think the increased temperature would do to the ecology, before we accept such a claim.

Please contact City Council members to say you would like the city to protect Ashland Pond and the nearby creeks and marshes. Suggest they ask the city staff to consider other options, such as cooling the water in the existing terraces just east of the sewage plant, and piping it underground to Bear Creek.

Fran Adams


McClanahan column was shallow fantasy

E. Thomas McClanahan (column, Nov. 23) is as free as any American to speculate on America's energy future. However, speaking from his position of prominence and authority, it is unacceptable for him to brush away the looming, constantly growing reality of the global climate threat to our very existence.

He says he is betting that no such future is in the works, and that the overwhelming scientific evidence, endorsed by almost all climatologists (97 percent), is "hogwash" not worthy of our concern. One thinks: "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad, or blind or pathetically ignorant."

And, does Mr. McClanahan not know what will be done with all these fossil fuels in which he sees our salvation? They will be burned, thus sending even more greenhouse gases into our atmosphere and mightily speeding us all on the road to extinction. I trust that the Daily Tidings will publish the ecological scientists' rebuttal to — nay, total destruction of — McClanahan's incredibly shallow fantasy.

Gerald Cavanaugh


Obama? He's yella; he hasn't got the guts

If Obama had any cojones, and I doubt it, he'd nominate Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense, whether he's qualified or not, just to tick off the chicken-hawk, warmongering neocons and their Israeli stooge allies in Congress. If that fails, he oughta nominate McCain. Maybe that'd shut him up.

Doyle Hirsch