Leaf helpers made my day

Leaf helpers made my day

It was a couple of weeks ago; I was raking leaves, getting tired and cold. Darkness coming on, the job was less than half done, and ready to call it quits anyway.

Just then, along came a woman with a carload of kids, four of them.

She did not ask if I needed help, she just said they wanted to help. Paige and Ann and Zen and two others, whose names began with C, pitched in and made short work of it. A cheery goodbye, and they were gone. A band of angels, committing a random act of kindness.

Carita M. Culmer


Thanks for voting to support library

The Friends of the Ashland Public Library want to offer a huge thank you to the citizens of Ashland for supporting the recent ballot measure to continue expanded service at the Ashland library.

Ashland is a very special place to live and visit, and it is truly wonderful to see such an affirmation of the importance of the Ashland library to this community. If you aren't already a library user, we invite you to stop by soon and find out everything that the Ashland library has to offer!

Amanda Casserly


Thanks to Ashland Fire and Rescue

The Mountain Meadows Retirement Community of Ashland again this year has delivered to the Ashland Fire and Rescue team many trays of Thanksgiving goodies purchased from Market of Choice.

With the trays they sent their personal notes of thanks on a large banner. For many years it has been the tradition of this community to express its appreciation for the ambulance service provided by the paramedic team.

The community speaks for the entire Ashland population that is served 24/7 by this expert fire rescue team.

John M. Fugitt