Hospital's future should come first

Hospital's future should come first

Special thanks to Doug Gentry and Alan DeBoer and all who have worked tirelessly to save our hospital. What an injustice that our hospital is going under due to unpaid Medicare and Medicaid bills and local — at the hospital's expense — charitable assistance.

As a previously uninformed but concerned community member, the loss of the local hospital was something the community wasn't sufficiently alerted to or informed about.

We thank both Providence and Asante for coming to Ashland Community Hospital's rescue and offering new deals after Dignity pulled out. The community should give everyone at ACH their full support however they decide to resolve this crisis.

The hospital comes first. All of the public opinions and preferences should come after keeping the doors open, no matter what. With Asante we may just get the best deal ever. Let the experts and hospital personnel decide.

The community has not supported the hospital enough. Let's make up for it now by offering our full assistance for whatever the City Council agrees upon. If you don't like any of the decisions, think of what is best for all. Imagine losing the hospital itself!

Leah E.V. Ireland