More than a faint aroma of bigotry

More than a faint aroma of bigotry

For Biome to raise the tired old anti-Israel apartheid slander at a Rotary Club forum for Ashland City Council candidates is about as appropriate as raising the topic of his toilet training. For Ryan Navickas to defend that bizarre rant in the midst of our election season once again reveals the radical left's malign fixation on the state of Israel and its predictable support of the Palestinian propaganda campaign.

Like all countries, Israel is imperfect, but hasn't anyone else noted the gargantuan amount of vilification directed at her, as opposed to the tut-tutting over the Syrian bloodbath or the occasional pimpleball lobbed at fat targets like the anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, theocratic, homophobic, mysogynistic monarchy of Saudi Arabia?

How often do we read about Mali, Nigeria, Sudan, et cetera, in which nonbelievers continue to be persecuted or murdered, and yet this very month genocidal Sudan was elected to the United Nations Human Rights Commision to take its place alongside other notable humanitarian nations like Congo and Saudi Arabia.

The radical left purports to endorse freedom and human rights, which no doubt accounts for its admiration for Fidel, Raul, Che, and Hugo Chavez. And yet, a free press, independent judiciary, the rule of law, gender equality, lack of persecution of homosexuality, religious freedom and universal suffrage prevail only in Israel and nowhere else in the Middle East. Is it so surprising that the intemperate, and hyperbolic criticism directed at Israel by Biome, Navickas and the like has more than a faint aroma of bigotry?

Michael A. Bloom