Ashland traffic flow still needs work

Ashland traffic flow still needs work

What inspired me to write this letter is the area between Helman and Laurel Streets when heading North. The street sign and the arrows on the pavement tell the right lane to merge left, yet before you get to Bush Street, the yellow center lines force traffic back to the right. It sure seems to me that the arrows and the sign are totally backwards. The traffic should move the least amount necessary to create the safest conditions for all.

I have to say the additional left turn lanes seem to be an improvement, but I don't think the traffic flow will be served well on busy days. It is highly unlikely that this design will fulfill future traffic needs as the downtown area, which is two lanes, slows to a crawl at busy times.

Further, I don't understand the failure to create another I-5 exit at Mountain. This would reduce the strains on capacity at both ends of town and deliver traffic to the center of the town. It would have been easier a few years ago. Adding an exit now would require leaving the freeway before or after Mountain Avenue, routing traffic around the neighborhood and rest home and finally folding traffic back onto Mountain before the park. Had this been planned earlier, it would not have required infringing much on private property but, in my humble opinion, it will eventually need to be done. Doing it sooner will be less expensive and less painful.

Steve Read


Attacks on Israel are hate speech

Let me get this straight. Referring to the only democracy in the Middle East as a Zionist apartheid state is not hate speech?

It's amazing that there is still any doubt as to who is preventing peace between Israel and Palestine. The "Palestinians" could have had peace and their own country decades ago, and the proof is in plain sight. Over 1 million Muslims, mostly Arab, live in Israel, with full rights of citizenship. All Israel has ever asked of them is that they refrain from murdering their neighbors. Palestine has never been willing to try that course.

And why is it that when Hamas fires thousands of missiles into Israel, or murders hundreds of Israelis and other Palestinians, the world media keep quiet, but when Israel retaliates, the whole world rises up to condemn them?

Peter Nemzek


Please explain how Bush tax cuts helped

People are concerned that ending the Bush tax cuts will hurt our economy. Please tell me how they helped our economy.

Larry Ware


Why not split the difference?

The progressive tax, historically up to 90 percent (1945), made sure that sufficient profits were plowed back into expanding the economy and creating jobs. Reinvested profits are tax-free.

Finding the best rate will be interesting. How about splitting the difference for starters?

Jerry Nutter