'Road diet' is working well

'Road diet' is working well

Hurray for the "road diet" on North Main!

Finally I can bike along North Main without risking life and limb, and, when driving, I can make left-hand turns smoothly, easily and safely.

Traffic along North Main seems to be running considerably more smoothly than before. Three cheers to the city of Ashland for introducing this long-sought-after solution to a dangerous stretch of road.

Bicyclists who have been detouring around North Main for years, check it out!

Now if we could just get the bike lane continued through downtown and make it a bike- and pedestrian-friendly place.

Julia Sommer


Sorry for driver who hit, ran

Monday evening, while at a counseling session for my son, learning ways to help him manage his anger and frustration, someone hit the back end of my Toyota Matrix — and left.

So upon leaving our counseling session, walking out to the parking island on East Main, I was greeted with the destruction of my property with no witness, no note, no responsibility. And I am angry. Really angry. Frustrated. And deeply saddened that this is what our society has become.

Selfish, egocentric, devoid of accountability. To whomever damaged the whole back end of my car, I have many words for you, but, mostly, I am sorry for you. Really, really sorry.

Felicia Cruz


Stromberg serves Ashland well

I am writing this letter in support of John Stromberg for mayor of Ashland. I have lived and worked in Ashland for 35 years and have never seen a mayor work as hard for the city and its residents as John Stromberg has.

Alan DeBoer says being mayor is a part-time job, but actually, being mayor is a full-time job if you do it with the care and thoughtfulness that John Stromberg puts into it — bringing residents together, always working to bring opposing points of view to consensus, gathering the information and research to present ideas that work best for the city with an objective eye.

DeBoer says he would have stopped the "road diet," but actually the mayor does not vote unless there is a tie in the council. I was totally opposed to the road diet, but actually having driven it now, I have found it is faster, safer and easier than before — much to my shock and surprise.

But even if he had supported it with a vote, I would vote for him because I do not vote on one issue only — I look at the person generally and what he does for the entire community — not one issue, and John has served this community well beyond any other mayor I have ever seen, including DeBoer.

Juli Teitelbaum,


Trick-or-treat closer to home

Can someone please tell me who is responsible for bringing a bus and two vans full of trick-or-treaters onto Bush Street Wednesday night? I turned off my light when I noticed the vehicles looking for a place to park, as did most of my neighbors.

Who thinks this is OK? Whatever happened to trick-or-treating in your own neighborhood?

C. Smith