Vote for Ashland, not against the PAC

Vote for Ashland, not against the PAC

This City Council election has come down to whether a PAC should exist, rather than being about the candidates and their qualifications. This should not be. It is not in your best interest or Ashland's. You should value your vote and select those who have the best qualifications.

For those of you who think we were negative in our campaign, that was not our intent. Our intent was to inform. So you can evaluate how the candidates will serve based on their previous actions.

The Ashland Residents for a Great City Council are passionate to ensure that the Ashland that we know and love will continue to prosper. That is why we have chosen the candidates we support. They want that, too.

The candidates we support have said they do not want to fundamentally change Ashland. They love it just as you do. They want to help those Ashland residents who are severely struggling or homeless. They want to support OSF and all businesses current and new, so that we have a healthy economic future. They want to create an Ashland that is attractive to those who want to work and find an attractive community in which to live.

That is our agenda, as well, nothing more.

If you agree with us and them, then you should vote for the candidates we support. It's really as simple as that.

If something you saw of ours is causing you to lean toward voting for the candidates we oppose, just because you are against ARGCC, we ask you to reconsider and not vote out of anger.

Vote instead for the kind of Ashland you want. Understand which are the candidates most aligned with your vision. Vote out of knowledge. Vote for who will lead us into the future you see for your town. It's the future you are about to create for Ashland with your vote.

Do not vote against, vote for Ashland.

Ashland Residents For A Great City Council — and that's all it's ever been about.

Bill Heimann