Theresa Perillat Carroll passed away peacefully Monday, October 22, 2012, at her home in Ashland, where she moved to after the passing of her wonderful husband of 37 years, Jack Carroll. She was surrounded by her loving family: her son, William Perillat (who tenderly held the heart-space for his six brothers, Robert, Tommy (predeceased in 1972), Mark, Peter, John, and Daniel); William's son, Aaron Perillat; her four daughters, Susannah, Mary, Kathleen, and Elizabeth; her son, Jasper; and the invaluable loving support of Ashland's Community Hospice nurse, Brenda.

She is also survived by 10 more grandchildren, Lisa, Andre, Jessica, Erik, Danielle, Thomas, Renaud, Alicia, Lola and Otto; three great-grandchildren, Niki, Elie, and Rivers; five stepchildren, Michael, Stephanie, Wendy, Jacquelyn, and David; four step-grandchildren, Sean, Killala, Araglin, and Liam. Jack and Theresa's 16 children together would be known as the "Carrollats."

Theresa was born in Salinas, Calif. in 1928. In 1945 she entered nursing to begin a lifelong career as an RN, while raising 11 adoring children who are honoring her life with an online site:;

e-mail address for messages is,

"The Mother," as many who knew her affectionately called her, was a large loving presence in our lives and will be deeply missed. She donated her body to science and asked that to remember her we "do a kind word or deed for someone who needs it," and/or to donate to a charity of your choice - for instance, Ashland Community Hospice, 1970 Ashland St., Ashland, OR 97520, or (which provides the comfort and joy of music in nursing homes).

Theresa was well-loved by the many who met her on her long path - partially because her motto was, "There's always room for one more."

She loved celebrating!

Mom, along with her family, (especially William's two sisters, Susannah and Kathleen, who lived with and cared for Mom), would love for William and Aaron to know how grateful we are for their love and support during this wonderful 'Full of Life' year, and for their friends who became an immediate Family of Love and Kindness.

Mom loved hearing William sing, play guitar, and hear his "jokes," but she mostly loved seeing he and Aaron together. Mom was so comforted by William's was a big decision for her to make this move...she knew what she was doing.

Thank you MoM!