Don't let plutocrats pull your strings

Don't let plutocrats pull your strings

Romney's money men have given him a two-week dispensation to temporarily swing to the center, hoping to woo moderate voters into believing he cares about their needs. But if he is elected, his puppeteers, the brothers Koch, Grover Norquist, etc., will tighten the strings Nov. 6 and walk him back to their radical, self-serving positions.

Make no mistake. Romney is no dummy, but he is their puppet. He has little stuffing and his heart belongs to his ultraconservative masters.

Please think about who will really control our country if Romney is elected. Please don't let the plutocrats pull your strings and jerk you around.

Cynthia Ann Raddant


City doesn't want politics as usual

Ashland is not a "politics as usual" kind of town. We are a community of intelligent, independent thinkers and voters. We vote for the person and views, not a slate from a slanted interest. We like being an example of respect and dignity for the individual.

We do not want a group trying to sway how we vote. We do not want a group attacking office-seekers with whom it does not agree. We do not want a group trying to create a homogeneous City Council, its ironic idea of a "Great City Council."

I resent this railroad effort by a few in our town. Anyone associated with this control-hungry PAC should question his or her stance on diversity of views and respect for the individual.

There is a cogent campaign sign on A Street in Ashland, "Vote with your mind, not your eyes." By election day we can let this PAC know what we think of its show of campaign force.

Ben Benjamin


Obama clearly won the last debate

President Obama clearly won the final debate on foreign policy! On the issues he had won the debate before it had ever begun. He ended the war in Iraq, brought bin Laden to justice, worked to restore our relations with foreign leaders and bring jobs home to the U.S. where they belong.

Romney has zero experience with foreign policy! His only recent experience on the world stage was in London for the Olympics, where he insulted our closest ally. Romney has no sense of tact needed to be a diplomatic leader.

He spent the entire debate complaining about the president and then turning right around agreeing with him on many issues. He has shown the same lack of leadership by changing his opinion on many social issues. It seems as if Romney has two opinions for every issue.

The only real moment of candor that we have seen from Romney during this campaign was when he referred to 47 percent of Americans as worthless victims. A remark he clearly would not have let slip out had he known he was being recorded. To lead, one has to first know where one is going, and Romney has no clue!

Sarah Hart


Student likely saved a life

On Thursday, Oct. 4, there came a knock at my door. A young woman told me her name, identified herself as a nursing student at SOU, and said my brother, who lives next door, had fallen and could not get up.

She had called 911, then came to notify me. Ashland Fire & Rescue was already with him by the time I got there.

The nursing student disappeared, probably dashing off to class. I was focused on my brother and, later, could not remember the young woman's name, but she deserves our thanks and gratitude.

Now, more than three weeks later, he is very slowly recovering. No broken bones, but a serious case of dehydration that did put his life in peril. She very likely saved his life. May God bless her for the good that she did.

Carita M. Culmer


Beware the charm of big money

At Ashland City Council meetings attended this summer, I was impressed by Mayor Stromberg's fairness and efficiency in facilitating discussions. Also outstanding were Carol Voison's intelligence, ethics and excellent pre-meeting preparations.

Fairness, ethics, efficiency, intelligence and discipline; what more can we hope for in candidates?

We know that dark money is being targeted at local elections all over the country. We also know that language is used to confuse. Just look at the name of the PAC: "Ashland Residents for a Great City Council!"

Let's elect candidates who have proven themselves honorable and competent. Beware the charm of big money.

Cindy Earle


Supprt Stromberg's open-door policy

Support our mayor's "open door policy." Vote John Stromberg to help resolve community issues.

Lauren Barbara Michaels