Folker Weiss, 83, of Ashland, Ore., passed away October 23, 2012, at his home. Born January 8, 1929, in Stettin, Germany, to the former Susanne Schroeder and her husband, Kurt Weiss, Folker grew up in Germany during World War II until he emigrated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1955.

Before retiring and moving to Ashland in 1986, he spent a lifetime as an engineer in the design and development of advanced systems for industries in earthmoving, farm equipment, machine tool, petroleum, and marine sectors, and held several patents. He was a Professional Engineer, registered in Oregon and California.He was a member and former officer of the Siskiyou Woodcraft Guild and enjoyed woodworking and metalworking hobbies and inventing. He is survived by one son; two daughters; and four grandchildren.

In spite of his sometimes gruff demeanor, he was affectionately known as Col. Klink, although his right saluting arm which, by necessity, had seen much use in his younger years, in recent decades had severely atrophied and would no longer rise to unsavory occasions.

Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Abbey Funeral. No services are planned, except for a party for friends, neighbors, and relatives to celebrate his life and passing.