Road diet appears to be working well

Road diet appears to be working well

I have driven North Main in both directions several times since the intersections were realigned and the lanes revised. Traffic flowed smoothly for the entire distance at the posted speed limit. Thanks to left-turn lanes, I experienced no backups (invariably a feature of previous trips). I passed several bicyclists without needing to slow down or veer away from the curb.

The road is better. I would call it a satisfying transportation sandwich.

Thanks to the city staff, planning and transportation commissions, ODOT, Mayor Stromberg and consultants who put together this project. It seems that we have some smart, public-spirited people involved in our local government. They deserve our trust.

Diarmuid McGuire


Herb Farber has earned our votes

Herb Farber has the proven experience to deal with the technical requirements of this position. More importantly, his ability to deal with complicated land-use issues will be a huge asset to the public he will serve. Herb has professionally navigated my projects through all city and county bureaucratic procesesses. He fully understands the proper relationship between government and private property owners. Herb has earned our votes!

Mike Sullivan


Ayars will work for all the people

Regina Ayars has demonstrated her commitment to serving the various needs of Ashland by her wide-ranging involvement in the community including the League of Women Voters, the Ashland Food Project, the Ashland Housing Commission, the Ashland Film Festival and others. Because she does her homework, she has in-depth knowledge about all issues. The public interest is foremost in her mind, whether that concerns schools, transportation, nurturing businesses or investigating the need for housing.

Having witnessed Regina's activities for more than seven years, I know that she is fair, effective, reliable and hard-working. She would be a positive addition to a balanced City Council.

In addition, Regina's candidacy is untainted by any association with local PAC Ashland Residents for a Great City Council. It would behoove all the candidates supported by this misguided, polarizing and mean-spirited group to publicly disavow themselves from any association with it.

It speaks well of the greater wisdom of the people of Ashland that there has been little support for this group in the media. Let's support the right of qualified candidates to run for public office on their own merits. The citizens of Ashland are fully capable of deciding who to vote for on this basis.

Peggy Smith


Endorsing Voisin for City Council

I am proud to endorse Carol Voisin's candidacy for Ashland City Council in the Nov. 6 election.

I have come to know Carol through her invaluable assistance in persuading the Ashland City Council to pass a resolution on the ballot in November to urge the Congress to pursue a constitutional amendment stating that:

1. Rights granted to persons in the Constitution are reserved to natural persons and not artificial entities.

2. Money is not equivalent to speech and can be regulated in our elections.

Through the course of several council meetings, Carol was instrumental in dealing with opposition on the council and working to resolve differences so the resolution could pass.

Carol has great people skills. Several times it seemed that the council had reached an impasse, and each time Carol, working with the city attorney and the recorder, was able to move the resolution forward to an ultimately successful conclusion.

Carol is a very diligent, intelligent, hard-working and effective communicator. She maintains an attitude of calm but firm resolve, and continues to press her views in a way that is both persuasive and inclusive.

I am particularly impressed by Carol's values: She is environmentally conscious, inclusive in her outreach, compassionate toward those less fortunate and deeply caring about her Ashland community.

Carol is a voice of reason and compassion on the council, and we need her there for the next several years. Please tell your friends and neighbors to vote for Carol Voisin for Ashland City Council in November.

John Tyler