Please vote for library levy

Please vote for library levy

My name is Silas. I am 7 years old. I love to get books and go to the programs at the library. Please vote for Measure 15-113.

Silas Wright


Stromberg cares about Ashland

I have been a neighbor and friend of Mayor John Stromberg for approximately 12 years. Though I do not agree with him on every issue facing our city, he cares deeply about Ashland, and in the past four years has given most waking hours to his mayoral duties. He is a person of great intelligence, the highest integrity and beholden only to his own principles and values.

Butch Bestor


We need Agee on City Council

I have listened to what a number of City Council candidates have had to say (and not said) about the issues that most concern Ashlanders, among them how to address homelessness, sustain natural resources, create jobs and continue controlled but sensible growth. I believe Jackie Agee will be an informed, objective, unbiased and decisive member of the City Council in regard to all of these issues and others.

As a former newspaper publisher she is discerning and always weighs in on the facts. I know she will always vote in favor of the greater good for the majority of Ashlanders.

Among her strengths is her ability to see all sides of an issue. Her motto is "working together." I know she embraces that philosophy and I have personally observed her in action, whether it is working with the local media, attending and participating in community nonprofit conferences and events, or representing the needs of the poor.

Jackie has my vote because I know she is a woman of integrity, but at the same time isn't afraid to state her opinion or call it as she sees it. We need her on the City Council.

Lucie K. Scheuer


PAC doesn't speak for me

Many residents are irritated by the "Ashland Residents for a Great City Council" ad campaign and have assumed my campaign is somehow involved.

I have worked hard the past three months running a positive, grass-roots campaign based on a progressive vision for Ashland's future. My campaign has had zero contact with this PAC throughout the campaign, and I certainly did not solicit any type of endorsement.

Those who crafted the recent direct-mail piece opposing City Council candidates Regina Ayars, Keith Haxton and Carol Voisin used a mug photo of me pulled off my campaign website (, which virtually any computer user can do. The image was not provided by me nor anyone involved with my campaign.

I, too, am disappointed with the negative manner in which this PAC has expressed its opinions. I don't find it helpful. However, individuals, groups and PACs have the right to free speech in our country. But they certainly don't speak for me.

Rich Rosenthal


Abercrombie: a true friend

On June 27 at 4 a.m., I called 911. A little after 6 a.m., an RVMC doctor asked who to call locally. I said Sandy Abercrombie — she's a friend who is running for Oregon Representative in District 5.

I've known Sandy for nearly a decade, and the term "friend" seems small, but has never meant more. She came immediately to the hospital and worked with/for me to make many contacts, get items and papers needed during the next couple of months — even doing laundry — until I was released in mid-August. Not hovering, but always watching after my interests.

I can honestly say this is the type of person I want representing me in Salem. A person who does not walk away, cares and is willing to work, represent your needs and work for your best interest. You can count on Sandra Abercrombie to come through for you in Salem as your state representative.

Lyn C. Horstemeier


Agee's performance was impressive

I am writing in support of Jackie Agee for the Ashland City Council. As a major donor to the Southern Oregon Humane Society, I was able to observe Jackie's performance as development director and was extremely impressed with her innovation, work ethic, understanding of the issues and outreach to the community. These qualities, as well as her ability to work well with other council members, will be of great benefit to Ashland over the next four years.

Four years ago, I supported the incumbent, and have been extremely disappointed with both her performance and her ability to absorb and analyze information. Jackie Agee on the City Council will be a strong step in the right direction.

Neil Sechan