Vote yes on levy for Ashland library

Vote yes on levy for Ashland library

More people go to the Ashland Public Library on any given day than any other public building in Ashland. Between 500 and 900 of us go there on the six days of the week the library is open.

Many of us are on long waiting lists for the books we love. There are 156 people waiting for Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl." I was on a list of 44 people for "The Art of Fielding" by Chad Harbach. And it was well worth the wait.

Please support our library by making sure you vote yes on Measure 15-113 when you get your ballot later this week. This measure won't cost voters any more than we are providing now for this local treasure.

Steve Neuberger


Why not send Joyce Segers to Congress?

Why endorse Greg Walden to continue destroying the effectiveness of the House? Why not endorse Joyce Segers, the candidate not beholden to Boehner and Cantor, whose leadership has made the House a cancer?

We see no TV ads from her because she takes no money from interest groups. She plans to arrive in D.C. with no strings attached. When questioned about her views on Obamacare, Segers says that every American should have affordable Medicare and corporations should not profit by marketing healing.

Joyce Segers strikes me as a sane, humane, intelligent woman who wants to serve as a citizen legislator, not a professional politician. She has nothing to hide and no corporate interests to promote.

Google Joyce Segers. In Oregon District 2, it is time to forget Democrat or Republican, bench tread-worn Greg Walden and send Joyce Segers to Congress.

Sam Alvord

Lincoln on the Greensprings

Vote Scott Fein for county surveyor

The county surveyor is one of those officials most voters will never have occasion to contact. The people most affected by the county surveyor are the handful of licensed Professional Land Surveyors like myself, who regularly use the office for research, and who file surveys there.

Although Scott Fein possesses the solid land surveying experience and technical knowledge for the position, the job requires much more. Important qualities include good record management, organization and, above all, effective communication and harmonious "people skills" in dealing with fellow land surveyors, educating the general public and in managing the office team. It requires a tolerance of and an aptitude for the bureaucratic governmental process. Overall technical savvy is essential. Scott Fein is adroit in all these areas.

Scott was hired six years ago by respected County Surveyor Roger Roberts (who has endorsed Scott for election). The late county surveyor, Kerry Bradshaw, realizing Scott's value, promoted him to deputy county surveyor. Since Kerry's death, Scott has effectively been performing the duties of county surveyor as acting county surveyor. Scott is intimately familiar with the county administrative structure, and will need no training upon election, resulting in uninterrupted service.

Vote Scott Fein for county surveyor.

Joseph Bova, PLS


Mayor Stromberg is an easy vote

Mayor Stromberg is an easy upcoming vote.

He's knowledgeable, honest, good-natured, humble and even-tempered. He supports public participation and Ashland citizens through innovation, experiments, and his ability to listen.

I asked him once how his life had changed since taking office, and he told me that in Ashland, the mayor "lives and breathes the office 24/7." Being retired, Mayor Stromberg thus has the time to devote to the cause. There's no distracting career, so he's still available to "live/breathe-24/7" Ashland's mayoral duties. In Ashland we need someone in office who is willing to be mayor full-time.

Re-electing Mayor Stromberg is an easy decision based on his knowledge, experience, personality, and willingness to support all segments of the community.

Eric Heesacker


Ashland is too smart for divisive politics

The latest PAC mailer (Ashland Residents for a Great City Council) is a divisive, insulting piece of work.

We can see through the innuendoes, statements taken out of context, focusing on one person's vote when the entire committee advocated together (i.e. the Ad Hoc Steering Committee). Sure, we do have some problems in this town, but I believe many residents are striving to solve them in an intelligent manner.

I'm disgusted that some "business owners-leaders" are behind these untrue allegations; hopefully it will spur our fellow citizens to do the right thing and vote with their natural intelligence. We are not dumb in this town!

Wendy Eppinger


Free-cat weekend was a success

Congratulations to the Jackson County Animal Shelter, Southern Oregon Humane Society, and C.A.T.S. for a successful weekend offering no-fee adult cats to the public.

Nearly 100 adult spayed or neutered cats found forever homes. The Jackson County Animal Shelter also saw 14 kittens adopted at the normal fee plus a few adult cats were picked up earlier in the week by patrons who just couldn't wait for their perfect cat.

FOTAS, Friends of the Animal Shelter, contributed $70 to the Shelter for each adult cat adopted, for a total of $2,660. A big thank you to the shelter staff, trustees, and all the FOTAS volunteers for their many hours of hard work on this event. Importantly, over 100 spayed/neutered cats will not be adding to the serious feline overpopulation in the Rogue Valley.

I hope that more people will take advantage of the $25 spay/neuter program offered by SNYP during October and have their own cats altered.

Art Lipski


PAC mailer was an attack

The letters sent to Ashland citizens from a PAC claiming to be for a "Great City Council" was really an atrocity. It was not a civil comment on the upcoming election, but an attack on Carol Voisin, Regina Ayars and Keith Haxton.

These candidates honestly believe they have the skills to serve on the City Council, and do not deserve to be attacked by a group of citizens who feel that they know best for Ashland. They do not; they are just one segment of our city, so don't speak for us all.

I think Ashland deserves a civil campaign where all candidates have a say. Therefore, I urge Ashlanders to repudiate this letter and the group responsible for such hate mail. Let's have an open and fair election.

Frances Petschek


A call for civility and transparency

Like most of you in Ashland, last week I received a four-page political statement in the mail.

It was pure negative, divisive politics. It blatantly maligned people willing to give their time and energy to serve Ashland.

Some obvious questions:

1. Who put his disrespectful piece out and what are they hiding?

2. Are they so ashamed of this pricey promotion that they did not include their names?

3. Why would three candidates allow their pictures to be put on this dishonorable document?

William Kauth


Why I'm voting for Regina Ayars

Regina Ayars, for the past 10 years, has been hard-working and focused in her contributions to local community and public service organizations.

I've known Regina since she first moved to Ashland. When she states that she "will do my homework and bring that knowledge to each council meeting" and "will respond to citizen concerns listening with an open heart and mind," I would wager that her "homework" would garner an A-plus.

Regina would be a positive addition to the Ashland City Council, not a divisive one. Her personal work ethic, keen intelligence and drive, coupled with a willingness to represent all citizens of our community, is the reason why I'm voting for Regina Ayars for Ashland City Council.

Marle Jandreau


Vote Vanston Shaw for Parks and Rec

Vanston Shaw is running for position no. 1 on the Parks and Recreation Commission, a body that relies upon its members to represent current and future needs of recreational activities and maintenance of public lands.

Vanston has held a wide variety of increasingly responsible positions in the education field, initially as a teacher and culminating as the superintendent of the Yreka School District. These positions required collaborating with people and organizations to develop and implement organizational objectives and financial support, all skills that will serve him as a member of the commission.

He has a deep interest in the use of recreation as an important part of the life of community and brings with him skills and interests that are important to the commision. I strongly recommend Vanston Shaw.

Vincent Paul Shubat