Campaign ad was far from offensive

Campaign ad was far from offensive

Wednesday's letters included three different people who were appalled or offended by the Sneak Preview's ad for Jackie Agee. These writers must have come from another planet, or perhaps they've never heard of participatory democracy.

The ad was hard-hitting, yes, but since when is it offensive to cite your opponents' record? By emphasizing the number of times Carol Voisin has been the sole vote for one side of an issue, it does communicate that she is frequently out of touch with how most of her colleagues think.

Call it a noble adherence to principle, or conscience, but you could also call it someone who has a low regard for the collaborative process that gets practical things done.

One letter writer complained that the ad was a "crusade to expunge liberal progressives" from political influence in Ashland. The fact is that liberal progressives are quite alive and well in Ashland, and are more influential here than most towns you could name. I'm most often in sympathy with them myself. But it's also a fact that we run our affairs, for the large part, by the will of the majority, and the liberal progressives have not mustered a majority on many of their most heartfelt issues.

Accusing those you don't agree with of viciousness, or calling their ads offensive is simply complaining about not getting your way and looking for someone to blame. Elect council members who agree with you, if you can, but don't whine that being in the minority is unfair and a perversion of our system.

Avram Chetron


Let readers decide what is revolutionary

In response to Sam Wheeler's recent front-page article about the Educate Ashland mayoral forum on Oct. 10, I will leave it to the readership to decide if the phrase "revolutionary social transformations" correctly describes the content of my spoken word.

Which of the following quotes are "revolutionary"? "... we can fix the problems facing our planet and our society through self-sacrifice, right choices, and service." "The basis for my candidacy is founded on the reclamation of our political decision-making process by the people, for the people and for all life." "The soil (in which to root a steady-state economy) is caring for one another and the stewardship of our natural resources"; "Our budgets must be allocated through a social venture fund aimed to alleviate social ills." "How the city and schools meet their ... needs should be decided by informed citizens ... through a referendum," and "... the critical need of devising a plan for local economy to supplant our present economic system which just isn't working, and never really did."

George Orwell poignantly observed, "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." will give you the source straight from the horse's mouth. Share it around!

Biome Michael Erickson


Ad distorted Carol Voisin's record

Free speech aside, it is shameful that the PAC committee "Ashland Residents for a Great City Council" chose to buy a full page "attack ad" in the Sneak Preview against Carol Voisin in her run for re-election for Ashland City Council. The committee distorted Voisin's record. Shame on them, and shame on Jackie Agee for allowing this group to represent her challenge to Voisin. Don't forget that diversity has long been an oft-mentioned goal of the community.

Boycott these childish bullies, vote Carol Voisin.

Marilyn Briggs


Only Voisin read letters about Plaza

I wanted those of you who are interested in the Plaza redesign to know that Carol Voisin, an Ashland city councilor who is running for re-election (position 1), is the only city official I know of who read and reacted to the letters sent to the city offices days before the vote.

The letters were sent to warn the city about the archaeological significance of the Plaza area. After the council's 4-2 vote (Voisin voted no) to approve the redesign, the city has been ordered by SHPO (State Historical Preservation Office) to hire an archaeologist to survey the Plaza's sensitive areas.

The Confederated Tribes of Siletz will send a representative to Ashland to help monitor any artifacts found in this rich resource area. Voisin listened to our concerns and supported our intentions to protect the Native American inventory that might be found beneath the Plaza before construction begins. Carol is a hard-working councilor who puts in the time to understand issues as a basis for her votes. Please join me in voting for her.

Cici Brown


Vote Keith Haxton for City Council

Please vote for Keith Haxton for City Council. I have found Keith Haxton to be a hard-working, clear-thinking advocate for fairness and justice. He does his due diligence on any issue before entering into the discussion. The values that Keith stands for are the values so important to us here in Ashland: equality, fairness, inclusion and acceptance of diversity in opinion and lifestyle.

Keith has shown by his involvement here in Ashland that he is willing to work to achieve these values. I have participated with Keith in several groups on different issues, and found value in his input and his contributions to be significant. Keith comes to an issue prepared and open-minded. In my experience he listens well to input from all parties and carefully weighs the merits of all points. It is refreshing to know that Keith will value input from all constituents in his role in civic governance.

Leigh Madsen


Ashland Street bridge project makes no sense

Sayonara and adios, ARCO. Although I believe you have the best gas prices in town here's what I have to do to patronize your station:

We townies will have to cross I-5 twice, go through four traffic lights, turn around at a competitor's station on the other side of the bridge to head back home. I'll miss the folks who have given me great service and good prices for more than a decade.

For comments on this brilliant design, contact the following at ODOT:

Gary Leaming: 541-774-6388, cell: 541-621-3074

Dennis Steers: 541-774-6299.

Wendy Eppinger


Stromberg, Lemhouse and Voisin get my votes

I am writing this letter to offer my unqualified support to three Ashland incumbents, three people who have each represented Ashland well in their years of public service.

Mayor John Stromberg has done a remarkable job of clarifying the issues and working honestly and fairly with all sides. Councilor Greg Lemhouse has consistently shown a steady hand and active intelligence in representing this city. Councilor Carol Voisin has stood the test and performed well. Even when she was the only councilor voting yes or no on one issue or another, she has done this in an informed and honorable way.

Please join me in supporting these three tried and true citizen leaders. Vote Stromberg, Lemhouse and Voisin.

Randy Dolinger


Stromberg for talent, strength and ability

Thoughtful, creative, approachable, with inner strength and kindness; those are qualities that come to mind when thinking of John Stromberg. He has also has an open inquisitive mind and is honestly interested in hearing what you think! All those qualities are wonderful when present in a city official.

Once we went to a city council meeting in California, feeling strongly about an issue. It seemed that the issue had been discussed and decided upon before they came into the chambers and approved it despite public input.

John has the ability to see the big picture. He is naturally inclusive but is not afraid to make tough choices when needed. Vote for John, an individual with talent, energy and tremendous ability. We are fortunate he wants another four years at the helm!

Carl and Sally McKirgan