Don't be misled by the undead

Don't be misled by the undead

The "League of Ashland Voters" is supposedly dead, but just in time for Halloween, the dead rise like zombies to influence the election with their peculiar notion of political debate.

It would be tempting to chalk up an alliance between the city's car dealers and construction magnates to their narrow corporate interests. Car dealers don't like road diets and a 5,000-square-foot "green" home is certainly more profitable than a 1,000-square-foot affordable unit.

But that would be facile. There's more to this election. At stake is the vision of what Ashland should be. Given its advertising and the candidates it supports, "Ashland Residents for a Great City Council" supports a vision of Ashland where the comfortable are welcome and those deemed undesirable are shipped off to county jail, where it's OK that many who work here can't afford to live here, and where the Plaza is "safe" again because nobody will sit on its concrete barriers. But Ashland can be a city where everyone is welcome, a city that pioneers sustainable transportation alternatives, and a city that cares for those most in need.

Don't be misled by the undead. Vote for Keith Haxton, Carol Voisin, Regina Ayers and Mayor Stromberg.

Michael Niemann


Vote Stromberg for Ashland mayor

John Stromberg builds community. He listens well to all members of our town, not just a select few. He is skilled and eager to do the challenging work of bringing diverse individuals together to understand each others' needs, wants, perspectives, and values. He is a firm believer in the wisdom that can spring forth from these types of deep encounters.

John is pragmatic and sensible. He is driven to find solutions that work and to implement outcomes in ways that benefit Ashland and our citizens. He balances being goal-oriented with a healthy respect for process. He builds for the future, the long view, as well as dealing with the present reality.

John understands that for businesses and organizations to thrive, the community must embody healthy partnerships between unique individuals. John knows how to build such relationships, with respect and integrity.

Josie Wilson


Support friends of the libraries

Oct. 21-27 is the seventh-annual celebration of National Friends of Libraries week. Jackson County Library Services is fortunate to have Friends of the Library groups providing enhancements in each of its 15 branches.

Through book sales, membership dues and other fundraisers, these groups sponsor free film showings, professional storytellers, children's, teen and adult programs, career workshops, author visits and summer reading program prizes. Their donations also enrich our library collections, funding the purchase of DVDs and other materials. Some friends groups support Saturday library hours. With the friends' support, the libraries are able to provide Jackson County residents with more library resources.

Jackson County's libraries are a valuable resource for our community. Our friends groups are also a valuable resource. Please join us in thanking the friends groups this week, and find out how you can support your libraries, too! Visit your local library or go to for more information and to join these outstanding groups. Thank you friends!

Kim Wolfe

Acting director, Jackson County Library Services