Anti-Voisin ad induced cringing

Anti-Voisin ad induced cringing

When I read the full-page ad against City Councilor Voisin, I had several responses. First I cringed at the viciousness of it. Second, I admired her courage and integrity for being willing to stand alone. This is not easy to do.

Finally, I decided that I will not vote for anyone the "Ashland Residents for a Great City Council" endorses.

I vote for civility.

Selene Aitken


Ad against Voisin reveals a great deal

The so-called League of "Ashland" Voters is back, resuming its crusade to expunge liberal progressives from political influence in Ashland. In 2008 they got rid of Cate Hartzell from the City Council. In 2010, it was the most outspoken remaining progressive on the council, Eric Navickas. Now they are after Carol Voisin.

In a one-page ad in Sneak Preview, headed "Let's Get To The Issues," they reveal more about their issues than would be advisable. The gong they keep beating on is that Voisin has enough independence of mind to vote her conscience, even if this makes hers the lone dissenting vote.

Horrors! Where is her compulsion for conformity? Has she no decency? As one instance, she opposed any rapprochement with the Mount Ashland Association, whose long record of unethical, obstructionist behavior toward the public and City Council as well is a matter of record for all to see. I'm sure Voisin can argue all of her other decisions on the council that LAV might object to. But there is now no other recourse to do this in context of the LAV ad. Nor, of course can she match the financial resources of LAV to spread such propaganda.

This is exactly the same strategy LAV carefully employed in the last two elections.

LAV, MAA, and the anti-"road diet" cartel are all essentially part of the same group of wealthy, privileged and very aggressive citizens who want to impose their vision of Ashland on all of us. At the national level, it is precisely the same personalities who have ruined our moral standing in the eyes of the world while at the same time wreaking such havoc with our economy that we are still climbing out of that hole.

Carol Voisin clearly has no mercenary interests whatever. She has instead a very strong ethical sense, is intelligent and educated, and votes her conscience. And in that process, she provides a necessary and excellent example for others. This Ashland vision is now endangered.

Aaron Corbet


Vote to renew the Ashland Library levy

In the excitement of a major presidential election, it's easy to overlook the local measures on your ballot. But often, it's these measures that most directly affect the health and welfare of our community. This November's ballot includes a continuation of the levy to extend the Ashland Library's open hours. This is not a new tax, but it is important to vote yes so that services can continue.

The library provides a wealth of resources to this community — public meeting rooms, youth programs, reference services, public computers, outreach programs, and of course an amazing array of books, e-books and audiobooks — but the library must be open in order for Ashland residents and visitors to take advantage of all that it has to offer. Vote yes on Measure 15-113.

Amanda Casserly