Now we know what Romney stands for

Now we know what Romney stands for

It is good to finally know what Romney stands for: competition.

He wants to pour funding into the military so we can compete for world domination. Yee haw! And why not? Just because every state and government is broke, they don't need the funding.

Romney's solution for just about everything is vouchers. And why not? Teachers don't have enough to do already, so they should learn to compete for students; in fact they should make that a top priority as part of the curriculum. They should just teach kids how to compete. And don't worry about Medicare or Social Security if you are over 55, but watch out anyone younger than that — here come the vouchers again.

Also, the federal government will be shrinking, so that couldn't possibly mean cutting jobs, could it? Romney says that the federal government shouldn't do anything to control the states (meaning cutting off funding). That shouldn't be a problem, right? Since all of the states are in fiscal shambles, they can just raise your property taxes.

And finally, under this paradigm of competition, you will know where you stand with your neighbor — they will be your competitor and that will become our culture.

Kathy Lambie


Dignity deal in Reno did not end well

I've read letters in the Tidings and the Mail Tribune from staff members of the Ashland Community Hospital who seem to believe that a takeover by a California-based hospital chain will save ACH and provide them with job security. I suggest that they investigate that chain's past actions following takeovers, including that of St. Mary's hospital in Reno.

The chain, then called Catholic Healthcare West, bought St. Mary's in 2007. The chain's wealth was supposed to solve the hospital's financial problems and improve services and job security.

After five years and having changed its name to Dignity Health, however, it sold the Reno hospital, which it had found to be a drain on the chain's financial plan to triple the company's size in the next decade. The purchasing chain laid off employees and required others to reapply for their jobs.

If the Ashland City Council permits the sale of ACH to Dignity Health, future decisions about whether to sell, shrink or close the hospital will be out of our community's hands, and what happened to hospital employees and patients in Reno could happen here. We would no longer have a community hospital. Surely we can do better than to sell our dignity to the highest bidder.

Ed Fremouw


Voisin cares only about the homeless

I do think that those who try to push a local effort to help the street people need to realize that the "home free" don't want or deserve our help. Anything we do to help street people will just attract more "home free," and help is available in our county for the true homeless.

Carol Voisin may be your "voice in" Ashland, but she is not mine. I'm not homeless, and they are the only people she seems to speak for.

Twice she has supported handing The Grove over to homeless people who will only flock to Ashland in increasing numbers to take advantage of the sacrifice she wants to impose on the rest of us.

I'm all for helping responsible people who have hit a spot of bad luck and are out of a job through no fault of their own, but not at the cost of destroying the city we know and love, which will happen unless we replace Voisin on the City Council.

Donald Politis