Bloom's knowledgestands out

Bloom's knowledgestands out

I served as a juror on the trial for the murder of Kaelin Glazier. The presiding judge, Judge Ben Bloom, defined the solemn and professional atmosphere of the courtroom. Judge Bloom's knowledge of legal processes and procedures held all in the courtroom, whether media, visitors, jurors or attorneys, to a higher standard that would have been absent without his vigilant guidance from the bench.

Judge Bloom's exemplary performance and demeanor, (even in the Ruch field where Kaelin's remains were discovered), communicated to us that despite the emotionally charged impact of evidence, testimony and vivid descriptions of the brutally murdered girl who had been unceremoniously dumped in the desolate rural field, that justice and truth, for the sake of our community, the family and especially the victim, would be faithfully served.

A vote for Judge Ben Bloom is a vote for that justice.

Joel Axelrod


Simmons killed Medco, now backs Romney

I noticed that one of Mitt Romney's billionaire backers is Harold Simmons. To refresh people's memories, Simmons is a Texas-based sugar magnate who earned his money the old fashioned way, he inherited it. Think about the government subsidies for sugar, and tell me that he (and his family) built that.

Remember also that once upon a time there was a flourishing, well-run lumber company in Medford called Medford Corporation.

Medco had a huge yellow building sited where Trader Joe's and REI now are set to open. Simmons mounted a hostile takeover of Medco. Republicans would probably call this "legitimate rape." Then he murdered the company by loading it up with debt, dismembered the corpse, selling off the pieces to make even more money.

This is the type of person Mitt Romney consorts with, admires, and desires to emulate. He did the same thing to many other companies utilizing his company, Bain Capital.

Should you need another example, vulture capitalists did the same thing to Harry & David. Don't have a short memory.

I think Romney and people of his ilk insult the vultures, a noble bird that serves a good purpose. Their level of sociopathy is more reptilian. Perhaps "velociraptor capitalism" is more descriptive. Think, too, that now Greg Walden, our representative, supports this behavior through his role in the hierarchy of the Republican leadership as a lieutenant to John Boehner in the House of Representatives.

Please think before you vote. If you think these people represent your values, you are naive. You have bought into the smokescreen they are using. Their true agenda is economic, and they seek total domination over you. They could not care less about the morality of any given situation. They are true sociopaths.

Michael G. Knox