Humans live in state of denial

There are two ways to bet on climate change: Get ready for it or ignore it. So who among our local candidates are telling you their first and highest priority is getting us ready for climate change? Nobody? Isn't that odd?

Humans possess an insane ability to live in denial. Evidently that ability applies even when they're betting the lives of children. That is what they are doing, you know. Those who choose to ignore climate change won't pay for their mistake; our children are the ones who will pay.

Therefore, when you choose how to vote this fall, please think about which side of the bet you're taking — voting for those who will prepare us for what's coming, or voting for those who ignore it.

Bruce Harrell


Fein qualified for surveyor job

We can't afford a county surveyor who is only an administrator.

Fortunately, Scott Fein is willing to run for that office. Scott is a qualified professional who is currently serving as acting county surveyor.

I know Scott as a neighbor and can testify to his professionalism and absolute integrity. But the most important reason to elect him is that he is willing to share the workload with his very small staff. If we put Scott in that office, we will continue to see him out and about, wearing an orange vest and carrying a transit.

Diarmuid McGuire