Concerns abouthospital decision

Concerns abouthospital decision

Not only Ashland residents, but others in the Rogue Valley are very concerned about Ashland Hospital becoming affiliated with a hospital system that carries with it Roman Catholic doctrine which impacts decisions made about life, death and abortion.

These are issues of great import to residents here in the valley. Why could Ashland not affiliate with Asante, which has a fine presence in Medford, or with some other non-denominational group? The public deserves an answer to this question.

Dolores Evers


A clever pun

Most puns elicit groans, but here's one I applaud for its cleverness: "Carol Voisin — your voice in our city."

Trish West


Rove innocent in Plame case

Regarding the Guest Opinion dated Sept. 21, "Karl Rove made all Americans Fair Game," by Robert Morton, I remember the "outing" of Valerie Plame, CIA agent. My recollection is very different, so I decided to Google the affair.

On July 14, 2003, Columnist Robert Novak disclosed Ms. Plame's CIA connection. An investigation ensued, led by Special Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald. Mr. Rove was called in to testify on five separate occasions. He was not indicted, and subsequently I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was indicted, and eventually lost his job. In the end, Richard Armitage, former Secretary of State Colin Powell's deputy, confessed to being the (unwitting) leaker.

Under our current judicial system, one is presumed innocent. Mr. Morton may have his "opinion," but lawfully, Mr. Rove is innocent of any wrongdoing in the Valerie Plame Wilson case.

K. Evans


Mayor shines during Day of Peace

What a great mayor we have! At the recent International Day of Peace Celebration on the Green Show stage, John Stromberg presented our fair city to that worldwide televised gathering in his usual succinct, pithy, polished, graceful manner. Ashland is a small city, its citizens love it, we are a community, we respect each other. He said peace is dynamic, alive, moving in us, and I felt proud to be in that crowd with John Stromberg speaking for me.

John really embodies, in his speech and in his actions, the philosophy he espouses, which is collaborative, inclusive, careful, moderate, warm, innovative, open and respectful. He has helped me personally to understand and appreciate points of view widely divergent from my own — not an easy task. John's deep intelligence, his rich background in management and organizational consulting and his many accomplishments as mayor make it a no-brainer to re-elect him for a second term.

Dot Fisher-Smith