LNG pipeline doesn't benefit Oregonians

LNG pipeline doesn't benefit Oregonians

Give one good reason, except for some temporary part-time labor, why this three-foot diameter, 257-mile-long liquefied natural gas pipeline proposed for Southern Oregon is beneficial to our state.

Every day, one billion cubic feet of gas will travel through this pipeline, from southeast of Klamath Falls to Coos bay. One hundred percent of this gas will be exported to foreign countries!

The pipeline will pass beneath the Rogue River at Trail, with a compressor station running 24 hours a day, sounding like a jet engine. Why would anyone put our state at risk in order to sell our natural resources to foreign countries?

The Forest Service and BLM are changing longtime environmental laws in order to make this pipeline possible. It's shameful. Coos Bay will turn into a Richmond, Calif.

So, where is the need to sell our natural resources to foreign countries? Oregon will get nothing, not one drop!

We in Southern Oregon need to know if our elected officials are in favor of this before we vote. Please let us know.

Annina Stills


Stop the parties and act as one

It sickens me to listen to everyone complaining and blaming either the Democrats or Republicans for all of the problems with this country, when it is in fact us who are to blame for letting this happen to our country. Letting the politicians and corporations manipulate our Constitution for their monetary and political gains.

We as Americans should be ashamed of ourselves for our complacency, laziness, ignorance and ideologies that one party or the other are better and can lead better when for years now both parties have shown over and over that they cannot. That both parties will not work for the betterment of all in this country, and I do mean "all," not just those who think they are entitled or think they deserve everything that this grand country has for everyone.

We need to stop complaining and act as Americans for all Americans as one, not for one party.

Douglas Kent