"To turn, turn 'twill be our delight, till by turning, turning we come round right."

"To turn, turn 'twill be our delight, till by turning, turning we come round right."

So many things cry out to us for reconciliation; we're in a boat peppered with leaks, and we're afraid. Connecting to our spiritual reality within turns us around and shows us solutions. In meditation we take a breath, we stop, we turn within and remind ourselves that despite appearances God is One, right here and now, there is nothing else. We enter a receptive listening state, and we find ourselves communing with our own self, the everpresence of great peace that transmutes the gnarled scenes of limitation, fear and blame. Where divine help seemed too good to be true, we now experience it within and without, and we learn it's too good to be false.

Reconciling with ourselves: We see our hidden faults, not to excoriate ourselves, but to admit God's healing, forgiving love. Love opens us up, strengthening, lightening, flooding us with who we really are: God's out-picturing. In this prayerful space, we begin to love ourselves without judgment, with God's love.

Now we have something precious to give. We can love our neighbor as we're loving ourselves. We don't avoid difficult ones or enemies. Instead, we see our beloved teachers. The principle is still our underlying oneness: God the one, the only; and I am that, and so is my brother — and my enemy. Turning within, feeling this truth, resting in it, we let go of our unloving judgments and we, too, are set free.

There are groups near and far we're fearing and hating. How can we settle these struggles? Our conflicting concepts can join together in truths that are inclusive. Our old awareness says we're imperiled, so it takes dedicated meditative work for us to see through this picture to the truth that we're safe and cannot be harmed, for there is no power or person except the God of love on the field.

We're also seeking reconciliation with the fluidly balancing system of animals, plants, land and water. Tribal societies have been practicing at this since the dawn of mankind. Learning the principle that our supply is within shows us that we're never lacking. We're destined to shepherd this sacred Earth and take part in replenishing it, even as we enjoy all the fruits the garden gives.

No matter the picture, when we simply lay the problems at God's feet, even with trepidation, then remedies come out of the blue. When we rest in truth, breathe it, work with it, stand on it, we see miracles occur. And miracles are only the thinning of the veil, only the normal and natural dissolving of those powerless dreams of separation from God. "Oh taste and see that God is good."

Reconciling with God: Why must we wander through this contentious world? Because we are the relation of God to itself in everpresent love. In forgetting and rediscovering who we are, we turn and turn in a paradoxical, painful, terrible and beautiful experience where we come to love and be loved. In this self-sacrificing life, we're all spiraling up into sacred relationships within oneness, within our oneness as God.

We are by nature a divine flow needing utter freedom to unfold. Divine self-sacrifice is the means we innately embrace for the gift and necessity of utter holy freedom. And our difficult struggles in "this world" are filled with meaning as they free the rising tide of love to pour and pour out infinitely. For God is love, and this world is the engine of God's expansion into ever greater love.

A central principle of spiritual truth: reconciliation unto love, our holy mission and our reason for being.

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