Kuzik opinion was excellent

Kuzik opinion was excellent

The article by Andrew Kuzik on Sept. 6 was excellent, calling much needed attention to the recent decision by the Supreme Court of Plutocracy, declaring that corporations are "people."

Only massive public outcry can force Congress to kill this decision. Kuzik's article further totally disrobes, at the local level, the machinations of the so-called "LAV." I am surprised to see Tidings actually printed this.

Aaron Corbet


Honoré exposes Romney, Ryan

Cheers for Chris Honoré's column in which he exposes the lies, half-truths, and misinformation being peddled by Romney-Ryan.

Their really cheap politic rhetoric in the race for the presidency is mainly because the "Double RRs" have nothing truthful of their own worth listening to.

Gerald Cavanaugh


Tips on living a good, long life

At 90, here's a baker's dozen for a good life:

Value good health as our top priority.

Love our body by following its lead.

Choose being in the kitchen over being in the doctor's office.

Take our bodies out for a daily walk/hike ... your choice.

Help our friends and strangers by listening to and respecting their opinions, without interrupting them.

Let go of thoughts and actions that no longer help.

Be open to best results.

No job? Volunteer by getting involved in something that matters to you, and maybe even to the world.

Notice little things people do, and compliment them for it.

Commitment, imagination, and perseverance are the keys to resolve every challenge.

Be kind, see beauty, and give thanks for all our blessings.

Pause, daily.

Never give up.

Carola Lacy