Emigrant Lake story missed the boat(s)

Emigrant Lake story missed the boat(s)

Wow, Ashland Daily Tidings, you really missed the boat on this one. You wrote about kayaking, speedboating, swimming, even paddle boating and "water sports fanatics of all stripes" on Emigrant Lake, but not once did you mention the Ashland Rowing Club, which has about 100 "water sports fanatic" members who practice the venerable sport of rowing/crew, and have been doing it on this lake for nearly a dozen years.

ARC puts approximately 20 men and women in rowing shells on the water virtually every morning of the year — spring, summer, fall and, yes, even in the winter. Every year, many rowers travel to competitions all up and down the West Coast from San Diego to Canada, always proudly bringing home gold, silver and bronze medals. They now even sponsor their own regattas on Emigrant Lake, bringing rowers into Ashland from Klamath Falls, Eugene and Humboldt, Eureka, Redding and Stockton, Calif.

ARC also supports and coaches the Ashland High School rowing group. Most years, AHS sends a couple of kids to the U.S. National Junior Rowing Championship competition in Cincinnatti, Ohio, and they also brought honor and medals to Ashland.

Writing an article about Emigrant Lake and not mentioning the Ashland Rowing Club is akin to writing an article about theater in the Rogue Valley and not mentioning the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Judith Hirsch


Wilderness area near Paisley is worth a visit

On Aug. 2, 2011, the Ashland Daily Tidings ran my letter entitled "Paisley a good place to visit for recreation." By coincidence, a year later the Monday, Aug. 27 Klamath Falls Herald and News ran Lee Juillerat's "Savoring the sureal sights along a little-used back country route."

This outdoor article with scenic photos likewise alludes to the same Gearhart Wildnerness region via the Fremont National Forest that straddles the Klamath/Lake County line between Bly and Paisley, Ore.

Lee's outdoor article can be accessed at www.heraldandnews.com. Enter "Morgan Butte" into their search site. The fall colors, foilage and autumn scenery would be in bloom with September's arrival. Road and travel directions to this scenic Southern Oregon outback remain archived in my own Ashland Daily Tidings letter and the previously mentioned Klamath Falls Herald and News websites.

James A. Farmer