Drivers must wait before turning

Drivers must wait before turning

It is sad when a pedestrian is killed, as Edith Montgomery points out. We should all be more aware of those around us.

Her point about the law regarding proceeding or making a turn after the pedestrian clears the lane in which the driver is proceeding is incorrect. Oregon Revised Statute 811.028 requires the vehicle driver (including bicycle drivers) to "stop and remain stopped" until the pedestrian clears the adjacent lane. The driver cannot turn onto a street until a pedestrian has cleared the lane adjacent to the lane into which the driver is turning. A bike lane is considered part of the adjacent lane,

This means that on a two lane road you should wait until the pedestrian steps up on the curb before moving. If you are in the left lane on a 4 lane road you must wait until the pedestrian enters the right hand lane proceeding in the opposite direction. Give them an entire lane before moving. That is the law!

A person is considered crossing only after entering the crosswalk. Not waiting on the sidewalk. They must put a part of their body, bicycle, or assistance device into the crosswalk before a motorist must stop (811.020.4)

William Heimann


Where is the GOP 'trustworthy' wing?

When have we ever seen such a flagrant assault on our American democracy? Voter suppression is so extremely un-American, it takes my breath away to see it played right out in the open.

It would seem such an obvious tar baby, ready to indelibly soil all who touch it. And yet it represents the newest wing, the "Democracy haters" wing of the Republican Party.

Where is the conscience of the familiar, "trustworthy" wing of the Republican Party? Has that wing lost its voice, its legitimacy to speak up for, to represent, the American people?

Jerry Nutter


Rauch's artistic judgment is flawed

I have been coming to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for 30 years because of its reputation for excellence. The thought that I would walk out of a play had been unthinkable.

This week I left two plays at intermission. Bill Rauch's artistic judgment is deeply flawed. He is destroying my festival.

Schubert Moore

Pacific City