Between the lines, SOU has its way

Between the lines, SOU has its way

The article announcing the agreement between JPR and SOU is so full of double talk and contradiction that the reader is left in a swirl of confusion about what happened.

First we are reminded that all the hullabaloo was started by SOU's determination that the JPR Foundation's fundraising for the Holly conflicted with SOU's own fundraising. Since the new agreement sets up two fundraising outfits, the JPR Foundation and its new subsidiary Jefferson Live!, it's hard to see how that conflict is being remediated.

Next we hear Mary Cullinan say that she's sure "people will be smart enough to figure out the difference" between the two. Yet the article goes on to say that as a subsidiary of the JPR Foundation, the two will be potentially sharing the same board members! Furthermore, we are told that SOU would sell the Cascade Theater to the Foundation but that Jefferson Live! could eventually take over ownership of the Cascade, the Holly and Jefferson Square! Is the difference between these two organizations clear now?

What seems clear to me is that SOU is having its way with JPR, to the detriment of the radio station and the listening public, while pretending their power play is a win-win.

Avram Chetron


Help Obama finish what he has started

There seems to be a general attitude that President Obama has "done nothing." Congressional opposition determined to block any Obama policy rather than actually govern has used the anonymous filibuster to stop legislative action.

Despite this, the president's steadfast leadership has passed the Affordable Care Act, giving expanding health care; defended women's health care; ended the war in Iraq; brought justice to Osama bin Laden; has begun the drawdown of forces in Afghanistan; created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; passed the Dodd-Frank bill to begin re-regulating the financial sector; ended "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in our military; stopped defending the Defense of Marriage Act, which bans federal recognition of same-sex marriages; and steered us through a very serious economic crisis.

President Obama has moved us forward. Help him keep it up.

Jan Waitt


Keep dogs, benches on Plaza

Tourism is a major part of the economy of Ashland. The Plaza is like the front porch of Ashland. It should be a welcoming place.

Just recently a sign appeared in the Plaza: No animals. Some visitors travel with their dogs. Now they are told they cannot sit on our "front porch" with their dogs. Where are visitors supposed to relax?

Also, regarding the wood benches. The city says they are worn and will be replaced with what sounds like cement benches. Friendly? Not hardly (pun intended).

A few years ago the Lions Club adopted the bandshell benches, refurbished them, and now keeps them in good condition. Why can't a civic group do the same for the benches on the Plaza? city of Ashland, welcome visitors to our "front porch." Allow dogs to sit with their owners and keep the wood benches.

Edith Montgomery


Circumcision is an ancient madness

The recent German court ruling and controversy about circumcision has stirred up my thoughts like an intellectual coffee-spoon — and the conclusion I've come to is slightly jolting.

Just what sort of an ice-blooded culture welcomes newborns to the world with a wrenching mutilation? Those scissors snap a cutting message: "Kill or be killed, and keep fearful distance from women, nature and love."

Having myself been spared by an Ashland doctor, I know that that area of soft flesh to be of immense sensual and emotional significance, as Europe's scientists have established. However, here, the ancient madness breaks as slowly as the melting glaciers that likewise indicate mainstream America has become enstranged from mother nature — and she smolders with imploring reproach, scolding that we should move closer to her.

We should start this move by lighting this vestigial field of the blood-thirsty, earthly life-negating dark ages, by allowing our sons to be natural males who trust their parents to protect them from needless damage — heirs of New Eden instead of a traditional Babylon, numbly begat and begat through centuries of repressed carnage, from Trafalgar to Fallujah.The missing piece has been with our own animal selves.

Sean Lawlor Nelson


Where does water from carwash go?

I bought a ticket to a car wash last week to be held in the parking lot of a downtown business, sponsored by the girls' volleyball team of Ashland High, and now I'm thinking about ramifications.

Where's all that wastewater going to go, along with the soap? Right into Ashland Creek is where it is going to go. The city has recently been behind the placement of little brass plaques beside storm drains that remind people that everything that goes down into the storm sewer system goes directly into the waterways. I've also read, in some printed matter that came from the city, that washing cars in driveways is not advised because of the water pollution issue.

So, does the city sanction such car-wash events? And might the city not consider putting in a couple of car wash sites and duct the waste water to the sewage treatment plant and encourage, residents to use them instead of washing their cars in their driveways? Seems to me that that could be done if there were interest behind it. It would be a next step toward keeping polluting soap and such out of the creek.

James Chadwick